Monday, 14 November 2011

Religion of Peace Hijacked Again Down Under

Melbourne: Two Muslim men in Australia, who were accused of plotting a deadly terrorist attack, have been released on parole last week, and still remain a major threat to the nation’s security. 
Police fear Australian-born Aimen Joud and Ahmed Raad still pose a threat, as there are no signs that their anti-Western beliefs changed in prison. 
“Their radical and extreme views remain a concern,” the Herald Sun quoted an investigating officer, as saying. 
“While local police will be aware of where they are living, and will keep an eye on them when they can, there is not the manpower to do it constantly,” the officer added. 
Police Association Secretary Greg Davies said it was disturbing that the pair were likely not to be watched around the clock. 
Police secretly taped Joud and Raad laughing while watching and discussing sickening jihadi video footage of Muslim extremists beheading hostages and killing US soldiers. 
Both were senior members of a home-grown terror cell run by Muslim cleric Abdul Benbrika. 
Joud, 27, and Raad, 28, who were jailed for being members of a terrorist organisation and making funds available to it, were freed eight days ago, after serving non-parole terms of just six years behind bars, the report said. 
In 2008, a heard they had refused to renounce extremist beliefs, and that they continued to ‘adhere to the philosophy of violent jihad’.

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