Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sage Advise For a Muslimah with a Drinking, Drugging, Whoring Husband

My husband is an alcoholic, gambler, smokes weed and keeps having sex with other women

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"He drinks alcohol..."
I m 35 and have been married for 9 yrs with 2 small kids. My husband gambles, drinks and then has sex with other women. He smokes weed. He also goes to nude bars. When I tell him to quit, he gets aggressive and becomes very abusive. We have not slept together for almost 2 years now as I don't want to, neither does he want to, as he has at least 200 different women around him. My parents do not want me to divorce him. Please guide me in the light of Islam as to what should I do. I m getting too tired mentally and physically. I have tried everything possible but nothing has helped. He thinks there is nothing wrong with him and puts his all blame on me. I have heard from his friends that he was always like that. He does not even care about his own kids. Please guide.

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