Monday, 28 November 2011

There are none so blind as those, that will not see

Tutu ignorant of Palestinian minority persecutions

Times Live: A Freed Palestinian prisoner Nael Barghoutia, who was released in the Egypt-facilitated Israel-Palestine prisoner swap.
Archbishop Tutu obviously does not know that Arab Christians and other minority religions have been severely persecuted by the Palestinian Authority first under Arafat and now Abu Mazem.
The result has been  that the vast majority of Palestinians who are Christian have left to avoid suffering. Pope John Paul II begged Arafat on several occasions to give protection to Christian Arabs but his appeals fell on deaf ears.
The situation today is that there no longer remain Christian Arabs to take care of the Christian holy places in the Palestinian area.
This is the story throughout the Arab Muslim World. Gaza is free of Christian Arabs, as are most Arab Muslim Countries like Iraq,Yemen, etc.
The terrible treatment of the Egyptian Christian Copts by Muslims is typical of the lack of tolerance by Islam of other faiths. Archbishop Tutu would not be welcome in these countries.
The Archbiship would do well to address this persecution before lecturing the Jewish People who provide the only safe haven for Christian Arabs and other minor faiths in the whole Middle East.

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