Friday, 4 November 2011

Try Burning This One !!!

Foiled again!
At this very moment, we like to think, an evil assemble of crooked and wretched characters are gathered around a long table in an old Victorian Mansion somewhere in the heart of England, cursing the British justice system. They are left-leaning journalists, spineless politicians, clueless senior police officers and resentful ‘elites’ who despise the country that they nevertheless continue to call home.
Richard Howitt MEP (this moron) is chairing the meeting, and like a (slightly more portly) Montgomery Burns, is pounding his fist on the table and demanding to know how on earth the British courts managed to let EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll escape their clutches.
Despite countless attempts, their meddlings and machinations have failed, and the sad group retire to their lairs and dungeons to plot their revenge.
Perhaps it’s not quite like that, but we do like to think that today’s news will at least cause some of our opponents to have a restless night. Today the courts threw out an application by the Crown Prosecution Service and Lancashire Police that would have seen Tommy Robinson handed an ABSO (Antisocial Behaviour Order) that would have effectively prevented him from continuing to have any active involvement with the EDL.
On the same day, all charges made against Kevin Carroll were dropped after Kev’s defence team exposed a series of inconsistencies in police witness statements. Six officers had claimed that Kev had picked up a metal barrier in order to hurl it at police, but their testimony did not stand up to scrutiny and the case was thrown out of court.
Of course, we are not claiming that any individuals were responsible for the false accusations levelled at Kevin Carroll, or for the on-going persecution that Tommy Robinson has had to endure. But the judge in Tommy’s trial picked up on something very important. He said that if it wasn’t for Tommy’s involvement with the EDL then he wouldn’t have been treated this way.
We may be getting used to this kind of treatment (Tommy and Kev certainly are), but this should not make the judge’s observation any less shocking. Clearly, they have both been targeted because of their political beliefs – or more accurately, because of their known fondness for exercising their democratic rights. What an inconvenience this must be to Montgomery Burns and friends.
The EDL is not a political movement in the sense that it wants to usurp the power of government or replace the governing party with its own. We merely wish to demonstrate – to protest against the government’s apparent abandonment of what should be their primary aims; protecting the British people and assuring a prosperous future for this country. But for some reason that fills some people with fear. So much so that they will use any means at their disposal to silence us; be it calling us names (‘racist’, ‘fascist’), diagnosing us with an illness (‘Islamophobia’), ignoring the possibility that we might have legitimate concerns or complaints (‘oh they’re just looking for a scapegoat’), or misrepresenting us in any way that they can. The politically motivated treatment of Tommy and Kev should demonstrate beyond any doubt that there are influential people within the government and the Police Force for whom the equal application of the law is less important than silencing the EDL. More Here

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