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Via Con "Allah" ... Adios Al-Andalus

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Navarre, Spain-- Porrotx Pirritx and two clowns who were council members of the outlawed Batasuna in Lasarte (Guip├║zcoa). Never condemned an attack by ETA. One of his recent performances has evolved into a town of Navarre, in the Palestinian cause indoctrinating children from a public school.

Porrotx Pirritx and have made several videos for the approach of ETA prisoners to Basque prisons, considering the "suffering" of their families. The city of Bilbao came to veto its presence in the Great Week and not allowed to act in the children's activities scheduled.

The two 'clowns' began a few months ago the local ikastola Arbizu to intervene in a day of fraternization between the Basques and the Palestinians. It was a union party "Euskal Country" and "Palestine", which was attended by students, parents and teachers.

The clowns made a video of his visit to the ikastola Navarre has had access to the Confidential Digital. This was what they did that day:

- The clowns came into the classroom and children, very young, they were wearing traditional Arab dress and with a Palestinian flag in front. Teachers and parents also dressed in the same way.

- The class is decorated with Palestinian flags and Euskadi.

- In the classroom there was also a recreation of the Palestinian wall Playmobils made. The Israeli military weapons were depicted.

- The clowns yelled "Gora Palestine" and "Gora Euskal Country" in the middle class.

- After that, the 'clowns', parents, children and teachers took to the streets in a parade of fraternization between the people of Euskadi and Palestinian.

In the video you recorded, you can hear the song "free Palestine". At the end of it, see pictures of the clowns in his journey to Palestine, where they spent two summers ago.

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