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Christmas Is A Time To Remember That Jesus Was A Muslim

British Islamist Anjem Choudary Releases 2011 Christmas Message: Christmas is Evil; 'Jesus will Return One Day and He Will Break the Cross and He Will pray Behind the Muslims and He Will Declare…He Believes in the Finality of the Messenger Muhammad'
British Islamist Anjem Choudary is spokesman for the banned Islam4UK organization, co-founder of Al-Muhajiroun, and spiritual advisor to the UK Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades (MAC).[1]  On December 22, 2011 he released an English-language 2011 Christmas video message in which he says that Christmas is evil and that Jesus was a Muslim who believed in Muhammad and will come back and pray with Muslims. To view the video, visit
The following is a transcript of the video:
"Jesus will Return One Day and He will Break the Cross and He will Pray Behind the Muslims"
" … Hello to all of the non-Muslims. Christmas is a period when many events and many views are heard. In particular at this time of the year people think about Jesus – 'Issa (peace be upon him). Jesus was not a Christian, and, in fact, if Jesus was alive today he would be following the Muslims and Islam. Indeed, 'Issa (peace be upon him), said that the messenger Muhammad (SAW) would come after him, and he gave him one of the names which Allah has mentioned in the Koran – Ahmad. And indeed 'Issa was a Muslim. There are many people who want to attribute things which are not correct to 'Issa (peace by upon him). For example, that he believed in confession – confessing to a person to be forgiven for your sins. That he believed in Original Sin – that you are born sinful. That, in fact, they say that he allowed to eat and drink whatever you wish; and, in fact, he said: 'Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and give unto God what is God's,' whereas we know about the life of Jesus – 'Issa (peace be upon him) – that he rose against the Roman emperor in his time. He forbade cheating in the market. He forbade the promiscuity, and he forbade the Jewish judicial system in his own era.
"And, in fact, he said that you worship, and you obey, and you follow none but Allah. And that is the true message of Jesus as found in the Koran and in the statements of the Messenger Muhammad (SAW). And in this spirit as well, the Muslims – those who had the attribute of commanding good and forbidding evil – should realize that Christmas has many evils associated with it. Every true Christian, as well, knows that this has nothing to do with Christianity. This pagan festival where there is promiscuity, the abuse of alcohol, domestic violence, and all kinds of crimes. Break up of families, which are associated with it, is something which the Muslims must put on their agenda to forbid, and to invite people away from this debauchery into Islam – the pure way of life. And, indeed, Jesus will return one day and he will break the cross and he will pray behind the Muslims and he will declare with them that indeed, he believes in the finality of the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) and in al-Islam."
"Christian Leaders Nowadays are Targeting the Muslims and Imprisoning Them"
"So, we want to pass a message to you very clearly at this time of the year – that when you reflect upon the life of Jesus, and Moses, and Abraham, and all of the prophets of God – remember that there is only one way of life that can truly give you Paradise and happiness in this life, and that is al-Islam. Islam means submission. The way that Jesus prayed to his lord Allah (TW), and the way he forbade evil in his own time, and the way he believed in tawheed– the oneness of God – and not to worship children, or parents, or other partners along with Him. And the way he tried to bring people away from the evil of manmade law into the beauty and justice of divine law. The perfection is found in Islam. The final favor from God to mankind in the Koran and in the life of the Messenger Muhammad (SAW). And, indeed, we can find that even the Christians in the time of the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) are not like the Christians nowadays. When Ja'far Ibn Abi Taleb (may Allah be pleased with him) went to the Najashi, the Negus [king] of his own time, we find that the life of the Muslims, their wealth, indeed, their dignity was protected and they were given sanctity. Whereas we find that the Muslims nowadays, when they live with the so-called Christians and the Christian leaders - like Cameron, and Obama, and previously under Blair and Bush - that their life, their honor, their wealth is polluted and violated.
So we find that this Christmas, Sheikh Abu Qatada is in prison for no crime having been committed. Even Sheikh Abu Hamza is in prison, even after the trumped-up charges and the sentence, which has been served, he languishes behind bars for what reason apart from the whims and the desires of the so-called Christian leaders. And we will find that these same Christian leaders, under Stop-and-Search and other draconian laws, demonize and vilify the Muslims. And we can find, in fact, that far from the Negus of the past, we find that the Christian leaders nowadays are targeting the Muslims and imprisoning them.
And I have little, little doubt that, indeed, if Jesus was alive today he would probably spend his time in prison, in Belmarsh Prison, because of the views that he carries. Because, certainly, he would not be with the Israelis, but rather with the Muslims – the Palestinians – against the occupation. And he would not be with the Americans and British in Iraq and Afghanistan, but rather with the Muslims, struggling and striving to liberate their land and to implement the divine law. And he would not be with the Russians, demonizing and oppressing the Chechens, but, rather, he would be with the Muslims in the mountains trying to rid themselves of the shackles of manmade law. And he would not be with the Chinese oppressing the Uyghur Muslims, but, rather, he would be with them fighting against the tyranny. And wherever we look, whether it is a Christian or a Pagan, or indeed if he is a Communist or a Socialist, we can find that the oppression of manmade law is everywhere. So now, more than ever, we are needy for Islam. We are needy to go out..."
[1] For more on Muslims Against Crusades, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 4176, "U.K. Islamist Group 'Muslims Against Crusades' Asks, 'Is Assassination Of Obama Legal?'" October 4, 2011,;
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