Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hamas to Zionist Entity: This Land Is My Land, This Land Is My Land , This Land Was Made For Me and Me!

Hamas Warns Israel of Al-Quds Judaization Attempts
The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas warned the Zionist government of voting for the law that states Al-Quds the unified capital of the so-called “Jewish” state, and assured that the city is a red line.
In a statement it issued, Hamas said that the Zionist entity’s government holds the complete responsibility of the repercussions of such a step amid its continuous violations and crimes against the Palestinian land, people, and sanctities.
Hamas further emphasized that “the occupied Al-Quds will remain the title of the Palestinian cause, and our Palestinian people will stay in Al-Quds, holding on to their land and rights. The Zionist occupation’s decisions will not change the reality and history, and this is only a desperate attempt that will fail due to the Palestinian people’s firmness.”
“We, in Hamas, call the Palestinian people to defend Al-Quds city and our sanctities, and we also call the Arab League, the Islamic Cooperation Organization, and the United Nations to stand against the occupation’s policies and its Judaization measures,” it added.
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