Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sisters, Muslimahs ... Unite!

Muslim Feminists Speak
By Asma Marwan on December 27, 2011
Islam is a pure faith, with the Holy text guiding us to live a good life. But that text is now lost under the thinly-veiled abuse of men who have interpreted it to what they want it to mean. Islam no longer exists in its pure form. It has been bastardised in order to wage war on others, and specifically women.
Basically, Islam does not exist anymore, except in the hearts of very few people. The ruling majority in Islamic states are not true Muslims. They are corrupt dictators who use and abuse the Holy text to get what they want, including multiple wives, sex and an excuse to abuse the women in their family.
Islamic law is on the side of men. That is a fact.
Here  is a web page portal to most of the major Muslim feminist organizations. Many sites no longer exist, but there are many that are functioning and represent an activist presence in their communities.
Here is Equality Now, a great organization fighting the oppression of women that is not afraid to address injustice under Islam.
Here are my heartfelt questions.
Why don’t we hear more about this organization and why is it not more high profile in the news? Why are the feminist organizations not more vocal about the oppression of women in Islamic countries? Where are the liberals, the left, the sanctimonious women’s libbers, the political activists who scorn the religious bourgeoisie? Why are they not standing up for their counterparts in the Islamic World? Do they cower in a corner, afraid of the bullying CAIR reps and scorn from their fellow travelers who might shun them for speaking out?

This is a list of organizations that are designed to help Muslim women. They are from several different countries and are in several different languages. We tried to include as many as possible; if you would like to suggest an organization, please email us at muslimahmediawatch@gmail.com.
Disclaimer: Muslimah Media Watch and its contributors do not necessarily endorse the content of the websites listed here or their owners.

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