Friday, 16 December 2011

So ... What Is the Swedish Jeopardy Question?

I'll Take Swedish Multi-Cultural Failure For All The Tea in China, Please?

Here's A Few Clues:

11:15 December 16, 2011 by Twiceshy
> "that the man's family comes over to the woman's family for a date, that the parents are key to the dating process,"

I'm glad that the culture I care about has long ago passed this phase...
11:31 December 16, 2011 by occassional
When you think you have heard it all.

Will the honour killing also be 'halal' then?
11:32 December 16, 2011 by rise
@ Twiceshy

Agree, the parents have no saying in this! The children are free human beings and neither some pets nor some other belongings.
11:41 December 16, 2011 by shahislam
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
11:54 December 16, 2011 by gabeltoon
What ever next. It's about time the CHRISTIAN world woke up.
12:07 December 16, 2011 by Mark737408
@shahislam Fck off with yar mentaly massive comment who can be arsed reading that
12:52 December 16, 2011 by Great Scott
Why does The Local keep on and on about how hard or how tough it is for Muslims living in Sweden? I am sure these people are quite capable of working out their own problems.

Instead The Local should focus on the unemployed, what is the government planning to do about its high unemployment rate, what is the government doing about some of the highest energy prices in the world, what is the government doing about real care for the elderly, what is the government doing about immigration? Yes, in a way gabeltoon you are right, wake up Sweden and wake up The Local.
13:08 December 16, 2011 by spo10
The old meets the new.
13:25 December 16, 2011 by rouzi
It is not a site for dating , it is a site for finding a husband or a wife and marrying.

Dose anybody have any idea about this statement?: The man's family comes over to the woman's family for a date, that the parents are key to the dating process.

Is it really Islamic or it is just a custom?
13:54 December 16, 2011 by RobinHood
I agree with Great Scott. The Local totally failed to make clear the obvious connection between a dating site for young Islamic people, unemployment levels geriatric care, and energy prices. Wake up the The Local.
14:21 December 16, 2011 by Atlas
Since when did dating became harram (that's opposite of hallal) that it requires the services of a cleric and his wife?

Also, in some cultures, the matchmaker gets gifts from relatives of the prospective groom and bride, anyone think this is more for personal gain?
14:25 December 16, 2011 by jvtx3232
I just thought of a great idea. I know where young Muslims can go to look for a girlfriend or boyfriend: back in the Middle East, Africa, etc. You know, their countries of origin. Why don't they try going there. I mean physically moving there, not cyberspace dating.
14:28 December 16, 2011 by thinkright24
what stupidity. there is difference between 'dating' and 'meeting' or having a conversation.

The Local needs to translate better and with some responsibility.
14:51 December 16, 2011 by Belovedcity
Yes I agree,, this article seems to be boring and valueless...but who want to know about uneployment levels and geriatric care an so on must knows swedish cause all this issues are always discussed in the other swedish newspaper .
14:53 December 16, 2011 by Atlas
I guess the imam want to be like his counterpart at East is East movie...
15:12 December 16, 2011 by Robert69
Sweden is a mutli-cultural society (it's in the constitution) and how different people date with help of parents or whatever is a human right.
15:23 December 16, 2011 by Vill
I wonder if their version of matchmaking is determining how many goats will be exchanged between families.
15:29 December 16, 2011 by Great Scott

The issue here has nothing to do with human rights, your statement is irrelevant. The real issue is no one cares about what The Local has reported regarding "halal" dating. As you can see by the comments, people are just sick and tired of hearing how hard it is for a certain group of people.

But let me tell you it is a human right to read about the real issues and worries concerning Sweden.
16:05 December 16, 2011 by Khader
This is ridiculous !!! what halal !!!

and why you call it Swedish mosque !!!!

I can imagine what is going on, this will lead to a real cultural changes and total destruction of what original Swedish roots have...!!

Jag tror att någon ska vakna upp !!!
16:12 December 16, 2011 by Roy E
Sweden has made a huge mistake in permitting such an incompatible and contrary culture onto its shores.

It's a classic case of being so open minded that your brains have fallen out.
16:24 December 16, 2011 by acidcritic
I believe the only thing the muslims in Sweden wont is to capture swedish girls. Therefore, to build a moske for the muslims is a truly stupid thing
17:17 December 16, 2011 by tadchem
Is it 'halal' or ha-LOL?
17:33 December 16, 2011 by ulster1690
I moved from the UK to Sweden in June of this year and was suprised at the amount of Islamic immigrants, personally I think this is gonna present problems for Sweden in the future. The minority arrive here with no money or education and expect to live of the state.
17:34 December 16, 2011 by Robert69
@Great Scott

Yes, but Sweden is a multi-cultural society. Your opinions do not matter since minority groups set the agenda. That's what multui-culturalism is about. :)
18:38 December 16, 2011 by bramblebush
Is there a minimum age for the girls to participate? Afterall, the norm in Islamland is to marry 12 years old girls to 35 year old males.....
18:43 December 16, 2011 by Belovedcity
@acidcritic :((I believe the only thing the muslims in Sweden wont is to capture swedish girls))

Your background from middle east.. isn t :) I really do not know to whom you are talking by saying such statement ,In sweden , Swedish girls do not care of what you are saying . swedish girl is free she can go with Muslim or nonmuslim . You think that when a swedish man read what you wrote he will answer you that it should be protect girls from muslim..

Wake up man ,This thinking seemed to be like those of the honor killing !
18:48 December 16, 2011 by shard
@Great Scott

"The real issue is no one cares about what The Local has reported regarding "halal" dating."

as a matter of fact, *at least* one person is interested in reading about this, as unlike bigoted and xenophobic individuals like you, I'm curious about other people's trials and tribulations. So I suppose that completely negates your ignorant comment in a single stroke.

And remember mate, muslim, jew, christian, whatever - they're all fairytales anyway.

Or are you going to tell me your imaginary friend in the sky is better than their imaginary friend in the sky?
19:57 December 16, 2011 by bcterry
Is there no room, or no such thing as simply falling in love in islam.

I never hear muslims talk of love.

Any muslim out there care to comment?
20:15 December 16, 2011 by bow290
what a joke! wait till u start seeing ur Swedish girls turning into towel heads, happens back in Australia...
20:15 December 16, 2011 by Dave N
"Or are you going to tell me your imaginary friend in the sky is better than their imaginary friend in the sky?"

If Great Scott's imaginary friend in the sky does not tell him to kill unbelievers and kill anyone who leaves Great Scott's religion - then his imaginary friend is definitely better than Allah.
20:30 December 16, 2011 by bcterry
"If Great Scott's imaginary friend in the sky does not tell him to kill unbelievers and kill anyone who leaves Great Scott's religion - then his imaginary friend is definitely better than Allah."

Can any muslim explain to us why the majority of you feel it is necessary that apostates should murdered?

What is the reasoning for such a violent reaction?
21:36 December 16, 2011 by Vill
@ bow290

I strongly disagree with your statement. The material is more similar to a sheet than a towel so I believe the proper term is "sheet heads". :D
21:44 December 16, 2011 by Great Scott

So it's name calling now is it, what's caused that. Let me guess, it's your incompetence to understand what I am saying. Now let me tell you, are you sitting comfortable, then I will begin. There was an online newspaper called The Local, it wrote a story about halal dating. To my surprise I thought that other far more important issues should be bought to its reader's attention. Such as unemployment, the elderly and high energy prices, in these hard times I feel the media should use their influence to bring it to the government attention. Now seeing that the huge majority of people living in Sweden are Swedes, I am sure that they would also like to see the media working for them.

It's a shame your arrogance has failed to see the point, or is it something closer to your heart that makes you feel this way.


Why on earth do you keep ranting on about a multi-cultural society, at no point has this been mentioned in the report or anybody else but you. As for the rest of your comment I bang my head against the wall.

P.S. For god's sake I don't have a religion.
21:50 December 16, 2011 by Chickybee
Swedish girls are 'fun' to gain sexual experience with but not good enough to get married to and any Muslim girl worth her salt will, of course, unlike her husband be a wholesome virgin.

I have heard this from the mouths of Sweden's Muslim youth - it makes me laugh and feel sad at the same time.

Multiculturalism has not only created parallel societies but as Islam dictates - it will only accept what is Muslim and nothing less.

How can politicians be so deliberately blind?
22:09 December 16, 2011 by Rishonim
Some of you people don't really miss an opportunity to spill your vermin at the mention of the word Muslim. There is nothing wrong with the Mosque taking the initiative to create a site where young Muslim can find a mate. Live and let live for G-d sake. We Jews have been doing the same thing for quite sometime now and I am happy to see my half brothers following suit. JDate is just an example of such site. I think you guys should really sit and take inventory of all the hatred you spill and only then you will realize how horribly ugly you really are. "Knowledge is the conformity of the object and the intellect" Averroes.
00:00 December 17, 2011 by wxman
If I had told my Swedish grandfather, who emmigrated to the US when he was 18 years old in 1919, that this were occurring he would have told me I was full of sh*t. I'm sure he's turnimg over in his 22 year old grave.
00:10 December 17, 2011 by shard

Whilst your level of English is very good, you're perhaps not a native speaker; it's not my "incompetence" to understand you are questioning, it's my 'ability'. But my ability is just fine, thanks.

You state "The real issue is no one cares about what The Local has reported regarding "halal" dating.". By finding at least one person who does care, your 'argument' is negated. Simple, see?

Whilst I'm trying to teach you something, there's a little box top right of the page. It's called a search field and, helpfully, the local even has the word 'Search' left in there for your benefit. Pop in your search query about unemployment, pensioners, energy, whatever, and fill yer boots, as they say.

But I'll let you into a little secret. The Local isn't a hard-hitting periodical, nor a hotbed of investigative journalism. If you wanted such news on more regular basis, but can't handle the actual Swedish, go here (, pop the url of the site that caters to you whims the most, and in the blink of an eye, you'll have a pretty decent translation. Well, sometimes you have to bend your mind a little, but better than nowt at least.

If you seriously think that those who occupy their cushy positions in power are going to be moved by anything The Local reports, then you are more naive than I imagined.

The sooner you lower your expectations and see The Local for what it is, the sooner you can let go of some of this anger. Though, before it does dissipate, you might like to vent your spleen to the editor over how "This weekend's 'finest'" is not the round up of temporary art exhibitions one might have otherwise assumed from such a high calibre journal such as this.
00:11 December 17, 2011 by Value
@gabeltoon Well said, indeed, I completely agree.
00:13 December 17, 2011 by shard

bloody scum- of-the-earth immigrants, the world is full of them, eh? Even worse, they usually end up breeding, then look what happens.

What's The Answer Doing Here? ... The Local Sweden

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