Sunday, 11 December 2011

T'is The Season To Remarry ... Ha-La-La (La-La-La-La-La-La)

Under The Heading of Kooky Islamic Stuff, Please Find ... Halala

Have You:
. Ever Had a Bad Day With That Nagging Bitch That You're Married To?
. Ever Divorced Her On The Spot (by saying "I Divorce You" Three Times)?
. Ever Woken Up The Next Day and Realized The Horrible Mistake That You Made?

What Do You Do?
How Do You Make Things Right?
How Do You Get Remarried (to Her)?

Don't Worry! ... Just Use The Tried and True Principle of Halala

But What is Halala? ...  and how does Halala Work?

It's Simple!

Halala is the principle (to save the honor of the female) whereby you allow your (ex) wife to marry another man, taking into consideration that the 2nd marriage must be considered valid (... that means the "ex" must have sex with the dude) and then allow the dude to divorce her.

After the dude divorces her, its' smooth sailing. ... Just wait the religiously approved 3 month period (iddah) and then re-marry that wonderful woman that you love!

You See ... Allah Always Knows Best!

Islamic Awareness
Mufti Says
India Today
Divorce Do What I Say

Divorce Do What I Say : Program: Frontline Aired On: 24th December 2010 on Express News Host: Kamran Shahid Mohammad, himself married 14 women, and allowed his followers to marry 4 women at a time, and also to have sex with their slaves. How can this man be expected to respect women? And how can we expect the religion that he founded to respect women…??? Background: 1. In this program Kamran Shahid discusses the case of a woman whose husband divorced her. After over a year they decided to remarry. 2. As per Islamic Law, a woman cannot remarry her husband who has divorced her until she first marries another man, and has physical relations/intercourse with that other man. 3. In this woman’s case when the husband asked the mulla whether there was any way around this problem, the mulla replied that he will be willing to offer his services, that is, the wife should marry him first (the mulla), and have sex with him. Then the mulla will divorce her and she can marry her previous husband again. 4. Please note that the mulla’s say that this is as per the Quran. 5. So my friends, this is Islamic law for you. And muslims want to impose these sick laws all over the world. 6. Also the mulla says that if a muslim denies or refuses to follow what is written in the Quran, then he is considered a Kafir…

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