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Can Muslims Be Trusted?

Can Muslims be friends of Christians - Muslims brothers Christians?

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Are Muslims can make friends with Christians? Do Muslims are true friends?In this movie we'll see how it really is ....

"Shaved Head" Look "The Rage" Throughout Ummah

Kuwaiti man shaves sister’s head for receiving ‘flirtatious texts’

A Kuwaiti man was stopped by police as he attempted to shave his sister’s head on the suspicion that she was behaving inappropriately on her mobile phone, reported al-Watan newspaper.

According to the newspaper the man, who was not named, went through his sister’s phone and found messages of a romantic nature which enraged him.

He began to shave her head as punishment and to “protect” his family’s honor, the Egyptian online newspaper Bikaya Masr quotes al-Watan as reporting.

The sister was able to call the police during her ordeal and they arrived and intervened.

Honor crimes are not unique to Kuwait, nor are their incidents restricted to the Arab world.

A Canadian man of Afghan descent is currently on trial in Toronto for the 2009 murder of his first wife and three daughters in a case of honor killings.

A German man of Lebanese descent shot his step daughter, Rola El-Halabi, a well-known boxing personality in Berlin last year because she was involved in a relationship with a non-Muslim.

There are many stories to illustrate that honor crimes are not restricted to one religion or nationality.

A Kuwaiti man slit the throat of his 14-year-old daughter in 2005 because he suspected her of having sex reported the BBC.

He is reported to have blindfolded and bound her before murdering her in front of her siblings.

Is The Cost of "Smart Meter" Installation Just a Tax on a Tax so That Big Brother Can Tax Us Some More?

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http://smartmeterfilm.com - An upcoming community-based film about the "No Smart Meter" revolution, gathering steam in British Columbia, the US and around the world. Find out why it is critical that we occupy our power, and take a stand now at this key time in history.

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Questioning Allah in Pakistan

The Rise of Atheism in Pakistan
Counter-extremism expert, Ghaffar Hussain catches up with 'Hazrat Nakhuda' - founder of the 'Pakistani Atheists and Agnostics' Facebook group

An increasing number of young Pakistani’s are adopting Atheism and openly questioning the existence of a God. Many analysts have attributed this trend to the rise of Islamist militancy in Pakistan as well as access to social media and other technological tools that allow people to share and explore new ideas.
A Facebook group called ‘Pakistani Atheists and Agnostics’ was launched a few months ago and has already attracted over 800 members. I caught up with the founder of this group, a young Pakistani Technologist operating under the pseudonym ‘Hazrat Nakhuda’, in order to discuss this new phenomenon.

Ghaffar: What inspired you to launch the Pakistani Atheists and Agnostics group?

Hazrat Nakhuda: Atheist groups and movements are a global trend. PAA is a part of that but it is different. The problem is that most of the groups for freethinkers are in secular countries. In my view the battle for reason, rationality and freethinking doesn’t need to be fought (with urgency) in England, Holland or Canada. It is here, in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia where we need to fight the battle for reason. It is here where the battle will be the most hard-hitting, it is here where reason needs to triumph, and it is here where we can’t afford to lose.
Almost every Muslim-majority country is under-developed economically or socially. I believe that when a religion is adopted by a state it stifles progress. Pakistanis are running 40,000 Madrasas but 30 percent of the children under the age of 5 are malnourished.
We missed our millennium goals to eradicate polio because we couldn’t run the refrigerators that housed the vaccine, but we spent a fortune on the ‘Islamic bomb’.
This country would praise Mumtaz Qadri (the murderer of Salman Taseer), and yet marginalize the only Nobel laureate of the country because he was from minority sect.
If you want to see how much a hindrance religion can be in the progress of a nation, look at Pakistan.

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Sharia: These universal, divine laws are for all people of all countries for all times

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Raj Sharma rips these two clowns a new one.

The Social Worker, Shenny Karmali declares that the Shafia murders aren't Honour Killings because Daddy "killed all three daughters.

Syed gets caught in a lie, he states he has never called for the implementation of Sharia Law in Canada. This Calgary Herald article says otherwise:

Imam undercuts himself by twisting his own words

"While preparing for the meeting, a quick search on Canwest's library system showed a Jan. 17, 2004, column written by the cleric.

In it, he wrote: "Sharia cannot be customized for specific countries. These universal, divine laws are for all people of all countries for all times."

In the same column he also boasts: "I am one of the founding members of the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice. The mandate of the institute is to resolve disputes within existing Canadian laws by using the principles of conflict resolution from Islamic Law, or sharia."

His column is clear. He wanted to bring sharia to Canada and even helped found the organization that spearheaded the drive to do so."


More Taqiya from the Imam!

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Illegal mosques pulled down, no mosque-going until 18, imams have to be approved by the state . . . sounds like China has it right.

Clown imam Syed Syed Soharwardy complains that Chinese muslims get treated in the same manner minorities in muslim countries get treated. But he never complains about their dhimmitude.

Lewd Moroccan Movie Review ... Sexual Obsession, Eroticism, Haram

Love In The Medina

The sexual obsession of a young Moroccan butcher is whipped into a watchable exotic-erotic package.

YouTube: Uploaded by DubaiFilmFestival on Dec 3, 2011

Hollywood Reporter The Moroccan-Italian coproduction Love in the Medina, a.k.a.The Wings of Love (France) and Loves of an Apprentice Butcher (Italy), combines steamy eroticism with picturesque Orientalism in a heady blend, enthusiastically concocted by Moroccan veteran Abdelhai Laraki. The subject is sexual obsession, a perennial favorite, and the attractive young leads should give this slick-looking drama a leg up as it wends its way through the festival circuit and into selected theaters.
The voice-over of young Thami, wistfully played by emerging actor Omar Lotfi, gives a literary feel to the story, which is adapted from a novel by Moroccan writer Mohamed Nedali. Problematically edited and told in flashback, the film has far more story threads than it can follow, leaving a lot of characters underdeveloped and their stories incomplete.
Thami’s detestable father (Abdou El Mesnaoui) is a stuffy Koranic lawyer who plans a great future for his son, until the boy inflames him by announcing his heart’s desire is to become a butcher. Eventually the father gives in and sets him up in the souk of Casablanca. Thami is overjoyed and doesn’t flinch when the old man orders him to turn over the profits every night when he comes home.
Frankly, there’s one thing Thami likes even more than handling goat meat and liver: it’s handling some of the ladies who visit his shop.  He’s so good-looking they fall at his feet, from the golden-hearted pro Halima (Amal Ayouch) who relieves him of his virginity to the breathtaking Zinab (Ouidad Elma), the unsatisfied young wife of an old soldier. Falling lustfully in love, Thami and Zinab tryst in unlikely places with all the abandon of youth, until the situation turns too hot for comfort.
Their break-up gives Thami some time to shop around and sample other delicacies, including an uninhibited French tourist and a teenage wife his father brings home for him, in hopes of straightening him out.  But his passion for Zinab rages on, all the way to the unexpected ending.
Laraki and cinematographer Roberta Allegrini film sensual atmosphere wherever they can create it, from perfumed souks to rain-soaked streets to draped bedrooms. As elegant as an Italian TV commercial, the sex scenes are hot and visually imaginative without showing much flesh, even in the obligatory Turkish bath scene.

Hopes For Peace Rekindled as Israel and PA Reps Agree To Meet In Jordan

Israel, PA Reps to meet again in Amman
01/09/2012 02:45 
Palestinians have been downplaying significance of second round of direct talks since Jordanians renewed channel last week; officials in Ramallah say they don't expect current talks to achieve a breakthrough.
Israeli and Palestinian officials are scheduled to meet in Amman on Monday for the second time in a week, though Palestinian officials say the gap between the two sides on security and border issues remains as wide as ever.
Unlike the meeting last Tuesday, this time representatives of the Quartet – the US, EU, Russia and UN – will not be in attendance. Jordan will host the talks at the Foreign Ministry in Amman.

Caveat Emptor!

Swedish Smorgasbord With Multi-Ethnic Meat Balls

Pakistani "Nudist" (Veena Malik) Does Hollywood

Veena Malik seems ready to get nude and for Hollywood

Pakistani model turned actress Veena Malik, who was caught under controversies for her nude and topless image on the men’s fashion magazine FHM, has now purportedly said that she is not at all hesitant in posing nude for Hollywood.
Veena said that if she was in Hollywood, she has to work accordingly and if their culture demands to expose flesh then she would do it.
Talking about culture, she said that while being in India, she works according to the culture of India and same as when she is in Pakistan, Veena takes care that her work should not breach their culture.
Ever since Veena Malik's bare bodied photo with an ISI tattoo on her arm went viral, she has been inundated with threats from her country. Counter lawsuits are also been threatened between Veena and FHM with allegations levelled against each other.
Well, after being in news since a long period of time, Is Veena Malik again ready to hit headlines?

The United States Of Pagan Gods


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Tawhid (Arabic: توحيد tawḥīd "doctrine of Oneness [of God]"; also transliterated Tawheed andTauheed) is the concept of monotheism in Islam.[1] It is the religion's most fundamental concept and holds God (Arabic: Allah) is one (wāḥid) and unique (ahad).[2]
The Qu'ran asserts the existence of a single and absolute truth that transcends the world; a unique, independent and indivisible being, who is independent of the entire creation.[3] The indivisibility of God implies the indivisibility of God's sovereignty which, in turn, leads to the concept of a just, moral and coherent universe, as opposed to an existential and moral chaos[citation needed]. Similarly, the Qur'an rejects the concept of duality of God arguing that goodgenerate from God's creative act and evil from free will of creation, asserting that the evil forces have no power to create anything. God according to Islam is a universal God, rather than a local, tribal or parochial one—is an absolute, who integrates all affirmative values and brooks no evil.[4]
Tawhid constitutes the foremost article of the Muslim profession.[5] The first part of the Shahada is the declaration of belief in the oneness of God.[2] To attribute divinity to a created entity is the only unpardonable sin mentioned in the Qur'an.[4] Muslims believe that the entirety of the Islamic teaching rests on the principle of Tawhid.[6] There is an uncompromising monotheism at the heart of the Islamic beliefs which distinguishes Islam from some other major religions.[7]

Salafists Shut Down University: "We Want Right For Female Students To Wear Hijab"

Digital Journal
Manouba (Tunisia)

A protest by Salafist students who want the right for female students to be able to attend class wearing the hijab, has closed a university campus in Tunisia for over a month.

The university campus of Manouba, Tunisia, has been closed since December 6 as a group of Salafist students hold the school to hostage over the issue of the hijab. What began as a small protest by two female students determined to be allowed to wear the full face veil to classes, has developed into a stand off between a group of about 60 Salafists and the university, which refuses to accede to their demands.
According to FT the protest has prevented 13,000 students from attending their classes. Now a group of 200 anti-niqab protesters have begun to demonstrate. The university stands firmly in favour of education remaining secular as it was under the rule of President Bin Ali. The faculty has presented its reason for not compromising and allowing those female students who wish to wear the hijab to do so. It cites the possibility of weapons being hidden, students hiding cheating devices and the "difficulty of teaching pupils whose facial expressions are concealed."

Did Mohammad Need Natural Male Enhancement?

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Nude Pictures Land Muslim Wife In Jail ... Divorce and No Dowry in UAE

Nude pictures land Muslim wife in jail... Muslim husband free

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UAE - The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal upheld the verdict of the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court which sentenced a woman to three months in jail for publishing indecent photos of herself on one of the websites, reported 'Al Bayan'. The family court also issued a ruling of her being divorced from her husband without getting her dowry. The husband had filed a complaint accusing his wife of publishing nude pictures on pornographic sites.  Investigations revealed that nine pictures were real and five fake. Meanwhile, the woman - a government employee - accused her husband of taking such photos on his mobile phone under the influence of alcohol to get rid of her and to deprive her of the custody of her children as well as the dowry. But when the Court of Appeal dismissed her appeal, saying the pictures speak of her act, she justified it by claiming that she took such photos on her husband's demand because he missed her when she was not around. Full Story>>

Eritreans Expose Apartheid Zionists!


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This video shows the real Israel that the liberal CAIR paid off intimidated Dhimmi media chooses to ignore.

People should also know that Israel was the first nation to take in the Vietnamese boat people in the 1970s.


Shi'ite (Baby) Hits The Fan!


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As the Shiite cleric is telling the story of "Karbala
Battle" about Ashura, the day Imam Hussein and all his family members
including several children and infants brutally killed some 1400 years ago,
When he is quoting Imam Hussein telling the enemy: "At least have mercy on
our children" Someone in the crowd lifts up a baby and gets too close to
the ceiling fan.

OK, If You Say I Can't Call For Jihad In Norway ... I'm Leaving!

Fiery Muslim leader says leaving Norway
January 5, 2012
OSLO, Norway, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- A Muslim extremist leader facing terrorism charges from his Norwegian hosts said this week he's planning on leaving for his native Kurdistan.
Najmaddin Faraj, who goes by the name Mullah Krekar, in the 1990s was one of the co-founders of the Kurdish extremist group Ansar al-Islam, which Western officials say has links to al-Qaida.
The fiery Krekar told the Irbil, Iraq, online newspaper Rudaw he will return soon from his Norwegian exile to the semi-autonomous Iraqi region even though he could face deadly reprisals from enemies made during Kurdistan's years of factional conflicts.
"My return to the Kurdistan region has become a major political issue," he said. "Each side wants to have me back to fight their opponents for them."
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, one of Kurdistan's mainstream political parties, has accused Krekar of directing his men from exile in the beheading of dozens of PUK fighters in 2002.
Krekar has been living in Norway since 1991, frequently issuing controversial comments on the Internet in which he has called for terrorist attacks against the West. Norwegian officials have sought to deport him as a security threat but have refrained from doing so on humanitarian grounds because the death penalty is still on the books in Kurdistan.
Calls for his arrest among some of Norway's elected leaders intensified last month, however, after Krekar appeared on Finnish television calling for jihadist terror strikes against the West.

Sharia: Women's Rights and Rapes

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In sharia compliant islamic countries sexual assault is a way of controlling muslim women.

Is That A Hijab on Your Head? ... Or Is It A Camel Hump?


Camel Hump Hijab Style?
I found this video about Rabia Z. –an Islamic clothing designer based in Dubai– the other day, and when I watched it, the infamous “camel hump” hadith came to mind. To be honest, that hadith always comes to my mind when I see pictures of Muslim women with these huge humps -for lack of a better word- under their hijabs. Check out the video below…
The hadith in question: Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said: There will be in the last of my ummah, scantily dressed women, the hair on the top of their heads like a camel’s hump. Curse them, for verily they are cursed. [At-Tabarani and Sahih Muslim]
Now, I know that there are probably different interpretations or viewpoints on this hadith, but another issue comes to my mind as well, and that is the issue of deceit. Many of us know that Muslim women should not wear wigs because that is a form of deceit – leading people to believe that you have hair that you really don’t have. Is wearing all of this “volume” under your hijab doing the same thing? Is it leading people to believe that you have more hair than you really do?
Personally, I am a “to each her own” type of person. I feel that we should be judged by our intentions and since God is the only One who knows our intentions, He should be the only One who judges us.
That being said: What are your thoughts on this hijab style and the trend of wearing things under your hijab to make it look really big? Do you even like the way this looks or do you think it looks strange?
or Haram?

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Salam, Salim Al Amry Video is from Al-Mu'minaat project UK,london
This is very important in our society in the UK at the moment
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Surefire Islamic Cure For Masturbation

The anathema of masturbation is very common among young and adolescent boys. It is against a Islamic lifestyle. It is clearly Haram/prohibited and should be stopped at all cost. But it is said easier than done. Shaitan has powerful influence and only by help of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala can we overcome shaitan and this evil habit. 

Remember everytime one feels the urge, it is coming from shaitan and shaitan laughs everytime one gives in the urge. This evil practice is so harmful that it damages our physical health, mental health, sexual health and our soul. So we can not but overcome this obstacle that is holding us back in the path of Allah.

Remedy for Masturbation
The anathema of masturbation is very common among young and adolescent boys. One reason for this habit is the unrestricted movement of women on the streets, in the market places and at recreation centres. Women go about in tight-fitting and revealing garments, unmindful of the presence of men.
Obscene scenes in plays and films promote sexual self-indulgence. Periodicals and magazines that contain romantic and sexual matter lead young boys and girls to shamelessness and immodesty. Youngsters who are not inspired by the fear of Allah Ta’ala and of the consequences of their actions, are apt to gratify themselves by committing fornication and other unlawful acts, or by resorting to self-indulgence. These harm the body, the mind and affect one’s psychological health.
These symptoms may vary from person to person and some person may not suffer at all. Again some people may suffer worse than others. So those who don’t suffer should not think these are untrue but should thank God for protecting them from the worse.
Physical Health: A person who masturbates becomes weak and thin, palpitation increases and his memory becomes weak. The digestive system is impaired and inflammation of the lungs occurs. One may also become anaemic. These are the possible symptoms.
Sexual Health: Impotency is the natural outcome of masturbation. A boy who has indulged in the habit of masturbation is not capable of marriage when he grows up. If he does marry, his wife hates him and often husband and wife may divorce. If the woman is pious, she will become depressed and if she is not, she will resort to unlawful acts.
Psychological and Mental Health: A person who masturbates will suffer psychological problems and is liable to mental illnesses like forgetfulness, loss of memory, weak determination, preference for solitude, extreme shyness and fear, being sorrowful and possibly contemplate some serious crime or even suicide.
Injunction of Shari’ah in this regard: The act of masturbation is despicable. It is a grave sin and is unlawful. The noble Qur’aan commands the guarding of private organs. With the exception of sexual intercourse with one’s wife, all forms of sexual satisfaction are unlawful and these include fornication, adultery, homosexuality and masturbation, or any other sexual perversion. On the day of Qiyaamah, the perpetrators of such acts will suffer a dreadful punishment and will be deprived of the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala.
The remedy for this disease: Early marriage is a perfect, beneficial and natural remedy for this dangerous addiction.
Optional Fasts: If, for some reason, it is not possible to marry at an early age, voluntary fasts may be kept. By fasting, lustful thoughts are curbed and thus one’s sexual urge is reduced. Further, fasting promotes fear of Allah Ta’ala and creates humility. There are various kinds of voluntary fasts. One is the Sawm-e-Daawood [the fast of Daawood - Alayhis salaam] which means fasting every alternate day. Fasts can also be observed on Mondays and Thursdays, six days during the month of Shawaal, the ninth and tenth of Muharram, or any other day (besides the five prohibited days).
Shun whatever excites sexual thoughts: Young people destroy themselves when they pursue things that incite emotions and become like animals in fulfilling their desires. It is essential for young people to keep away from gatherings and opportunities that may arouse their sexual passions, or where they may come across women in revealing or tightfitting attire. They must abstain from listening to romantic tales or reading pornographic novels and magazines, hearing music and indecent songs or viewing such films.
Engage in fruitful pursuit: Adolescents and teenagers should not sit alone when they have nothing to do. This will allow their imaginations to run wild and sexual passions will be aroused. They should spend their time properly so that they do not get arousing and lustful ideas. They can keep themselves busy with physical exercise, pure recreation, sensible reading and religious lessons.
Good Company: It is important to select good and pious friends and companions. Such friends may guard us from erring and although they are rare, they are found everywhere. Search for such company and let yourself spend time with them. Remember that people imitate their friends. Therefore, to strengthen your Imaan, character and physique, keep away from evil companions and adopt the company of virtuous people.
Act on medical advice
Doctors of medicine give the following suggestions on how to restrain lustful desires and sexual urges:
• Have cold baths in summer.
• Pour cold water on the penis in other seasons.
• Engage in physical exercises and sports (some doctors recommend special exercises to curb lustful desires)
• Abstain from spices and all types of food that excite sex
• Cut down on tea, coffee and invigorating beverages
• Reduce intake of meat and eggs to a minimum
• Do not lie down flat on the back or on the stomach. Rather lie on the right side in compliance with the Sunnah.
Fear Allah Ta’ala
When fear of Allah Ta’ala is rooted in a person, all sinful and evil acts will be shunned. One will then realise that Allah is always watching, and is aware of everything, whether apparent or hidden. One will take account of every act of disobedience and omission of duty and will know that Allah will punish the disobedient from His Creation.
Young people must attend gatherings where Allah Ta’ala is eulogised. One must offer one’s Fardh Salaat and make it a habit to offer nafl Salaat and recite the Qur’aan on a regular basis. One must cultivate the fear of Allah, the habit of muraaqabah (meditation), and the realisation of Allah’s Majestic Powers. This is possible when one accustoms oneself to rising in the latter portion of the night for the tahajjud Salaat, keeping optional fasts, listening to the chronicles of the Sahaaba [Radhiallaahu anhum], spending time with pious people, keeping contact with the righteous and remembering death and the Hereafter. Therefore, develop such habits so that you are not drawn into temptation and sensuality. Remember that the punishment for disobedience and sinning is the fire of Jahannam.

Is Bathing Necessary After Sex ... ual Dreams?

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(1) Umm Salama reported: Umm Sulaim went to the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) and said: Apostle of Allah, Allah is not ashamed of the truth. Is bathing necessary for a woman when she has a sexual dream? Upon this the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Yes, when she sees the liquid (vaginal secretion). Umm Salama said: Messenger of Allah, does a woman have sexual dream? He (the Holy Prophet) said: Let your hand be covered with dust, in what way does her child resemble her? (Book #003, Hadith #0610)

Traditional Islamic Treatment Cures Women Afflicted With "Westernized" Culture

    In recent years, honor killings have been gaining increasing attention in media. One women’s rights group reports that more than 2,800 deaths were reported across the United Kingdom last year, alone. Unfortunately, the official numbers are tough to nail down, considering that many of these crimes go unreported.
According to a new report from CBN, Islamic honor killings are on the rise in the West. This trend, which is illustrated in the report through some disturbing anecdotal examples, is apparently developing as more Muslims migrate to Western countries. CBN has more:
Although honor violence is sometimes committed by Hindus and Sikhs, it is usually a Muslim on Muslim crime. One study found that 91 percent of honor killings were committed by Muslims.
Among the examples given in a disturbing video report, a Canadian woman was strangled by her father after refusing to wear a headscarf and an Italian woman’s throat was slit by her father. Additionally, in another example, two sisters were shot by their father in a New York taxi.
These crimes, which are dubbed instances of “honor violence,” were motivated by victims going against their parents’ wishes, becoming to Westernized or trying to leave Islam, among other reasons. Shame and dishonor, thus, led the women’s families to take horrific action.
IKWRO writes:
The perpetrators of ‘honour’ crimes tend to be close family members of their victims, who are, more often than not, female. What they have in common is that the victim’s personal conduct is thought to have brought shame on her family.  Reasons for this perceived dishonour have been known to be anything from refusing an arranged marriage, seeking a divorce, beginning a relationship that the family does not approve of or even being the victim of a sexual assault.
Watch the startling report from CBN, below:
(H/T: CBN)

Shopping With Dignity in Saudi Arabia

Buying knickers is the least of Saudi women's problems
Saudia Arabia's ban on men working in lingerie shops is just another bizarre triumph for conservatism

I'm outside a women's clothing store in Saudi Arabia whose display window is straight out of a Nevada cathouse. Headless mannequins curl and squat suggestively, fitted into racy little numbers that any self-respecting strumpet wouldn't be caught dead in.
Lycra, tartan, and patent leather, replete with networks of zips, clasps, buckles and chains, clash in a dazzle of ridiculously tacky ensembles. On the rails inside are split-crotch knickers, tank tops with glow-in-the-dark nipple caps, and pre-ripped fishnet stockings.
But I'm watching a drama unfold across the way, in a store of far more obstinate virtue. It sells nothing but abayas, the ankle-length black gowns favoured by women in the Gulf states. Or at least it was selling them. Two members of the notorious Saudi vice squad, or mutaween, are now busy shutting it down.
Apparently the store's abayas weren't black enough. The whimsical guardians of morality had glimpsed a flash of colour on a sleeve trim or hem.
The merchandise that only seconds before was tastefully displayed in the store window, is hastily shoved into plastic bags for confiscation. Meanwhile, the shop selling bordello apparel across the way is, remarkably, left untouched.
After slapping a quarantine sticker on the front window of the abaya store, the two mutaween, distinctive for their furrowed brows, traditional long white shirt with a hem ending just above the cankles, and bushy beards, stride off.
Saudi Arabia is beginning to implement a law that says shops selling frilly nighties or even the standard M&S-style cotton combos will not be allowed to have male shop attendants. This is to spare women the humiliation of being served by the standard Pakistani gent behind the counter in nearly every store.
Within a couple of years, or so we have been told, the scandalous spectacle of men selling women's clothes may be a thing of the past, and this could pave the way for more jobs to be open to women.
As with the right-to-drive campaign, the lingerie shop issue has been adopted by well-meaning activists as a cause célèbre. Hundreds of kvetching feminists have been posting on message boards wishing Saudi women the right to "shop with dignity".
The reality is that given cultural mores, most women wouldn't be seen trying on underwear in the shops anyway. And by creating yet another hype around the issue of the libidinous energies of men and women coming into contact – this supposed step forward is actually just another bizarre triumph for conservatism: through the creation of yet another women-only zone. 
Read More Here

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I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing In Perfect Harmony

A Few Lies For Your Viewing Enjoyment Disgust Laughter!

Uploaded by dicigv121 on Dec 31, 2011
Translation of the sentence that follows marks. (Drink, Drink Coca-Coca Cola.Support Israel. Cola.Perkrahe might receive) ....
Did you know 50% of the profit is given by Coca Cola Izrailit Army and our fore they kill our brothers?
Did you know that the biggest consumers of Coca Cola's are Muslims?
Did you know that the health centers in Belgium Luc Van Den Bossche has completely banned the sale of Coca Cola's and his pierjen?

The Belgian health center that Coca Cola has ulumtuar seriously damaging the health ...
Also in India is completely banned sales of Coca Cola's and we Litoni is forbidden to sell Coca Cola in school and children is forbidden to buy ...
Did you know that Muslims have found that Coca Cola in the composition of his blood possesses a cochineal insect called and certainly possessing blood products are haram ...
Xh.sh Allah in the Quran says: (Allah) has forbidden you only the ngorshten, blood, pork and what calls (voice rises with it) not in the name of Allah ... (Baqarah 173)

now remains to your ndergjejgjja will use it again or not Coca Cola'n?

Share for the sake of Allah, be of good parts!
Allah says in the Qur'an

Music : Michael Jackson - I'm Muslim..

I Think I Like This Ad Better!

Is Immigration Islam's "Trojan Horse"?


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http://www.michaelsavage.com - Michael Savage delivers a timeline of the 7th century Islamic Caliphate and the expansion that swept the Mideast and Northern Africa at the time.

Muslims Are The Best Of Peoples ... And Then There's The Rest of Us!


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This is a great video from AnsweringMuslims.com  which shows just what the Federal Government thinks about the Bible, The Quran, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and our freedom.

The U.S. military has been instructed to burn Bibles but be very careful when handling the Quran.

More Proof That There Was Never Any Jewish History in Ancient Palestine

The artifact, considered the first confirmation
 of certain ritual Temple practices.

Scholars offer new explanation for rare Temple artifact in Jerusalem ... 

(Gee, I Wonder Why They Haven't Found Any Ancient Palestinian Artifacts ... hmmm?)

Object, at the northwestern corner of the Temple Mount, was initially thought to read 'Daka LeYa,' which means 'pure to God' in Aramaic.

A new interpretation is being put forward for the inscription on a tiny clay object, only a week after it was touted as the first archaeological find to confirm written testimony of ritual practices at Jerusalem's Temple.
The object, discovered in an archaeological survey at the northwestern corner of the Temple Mount, was initially thought to read "Daka LeYa," which means "pure to God" in Aramaic.
The artifact, considered the first confirmation of certain ritual Temple practices.

Excavators Prof. Ronny Reich of the University of Haifa and Dr. Eli Shukron of the Israel Antiquities Authority told a press conference last week that this was a seal used to mark objects used in the Temple as ritually pure, and that such a seal is mentioned in the Mishna.
But Prof. Shlomo Naeh of the Hebrew University's Talmud department believes the inscription could be read differently. "I was sitting with my son and looking at the photograph, and in a moment of intuition, I realized what it could be," he told Haaretz Tuesday.
Naeh also believes the object is related to Temple worship and purity, but reads the inscription differently, as "Dakar a Leyehoyariv." Dakar in Aramaic means ram and a stands for aleph, the first day of the week, when the priestly order of Yehoyariv was on duty in the Temple.
Thus, the object was used in Temple worship, but not how Reich and Shukron believe it was, says Naeh. To ensure the purity of animal sacrifices offered in the Temple - and to maintain an economic monoply, Naeh believes - pilgrims had to buy their offerings in the Temple courts. They gave money to a treasurer who would exchange it for a token inscribed with the type of sacrifice they had purchased and the date.
Like Reich and Shukron, Naeh supports his theory with a mishnaic verse citing the existence of such tokens. With regard to Reich and Shukron's interpretation, he said: "Purity was very fluid; the touch of an impure person was enough to make the object impure, so it is unlikely such a seal existed."
He also said the object could not be a seal because it lacked a hole for a thread or a handle to affix it to another object.
"People have been saying the ancient sages fantasized everything about the Temple. But ... they knew what they were talking about. For me, this is uplifting. The sages of the Mishna, my guys, win out," Naeh said.

Maldives Reverses Closures of "Prostitution' Spas ... It Was The Opposition Party's Idea!

The Maldives has overturned a decision made last week to shut down all spas and health centres in resorts, President Mohamed Nasheed has declared.
The ban followed allegations by an opposition Islamist party that spas were being used for prostitution.
President Nasheed said that he has asked the Supreme Court to decide whether operating spas is against the principles of Islam.
The ruling could be critical to the Maldives' tourist economy.
The islands are a popular destination for wealthy honeymooners and celebrities where luxury rooms can cost up to $12,000 (£7,700) a day.
"We have lifted the ban and all the services will be available for tourists," President Nasheed told Reuters news agency. "We wanted to give confidence to tourists."
The president said that he had ordered the ban in response to calls by the main opposition party, which claimed the spas were fronts for prostitution and led to the spread of drugs and alcohol to locals in the mainly Sunni Muslim nation.

Pakistan: Wheels Of Justice Betray the Absurdity of Islamic Law

Choosing Between

 Scripture and Common Law 

the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

Published: January 4, 2012
The self-confessed assassin appealed his death sentence which lies before IHC. 
cold-blooded murder in broad daylight, a self-confessed assassin in custody, but a year on, former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer’s assassination is not a resolved chapter.
After a ten month long trial, the self-confessed assassin, Mumtaz Qadri, was awarded death sentenced by the Anti-Terrorism Court on October 1, 2011.
The trial judge, Syed Pervaiz Ali Shah, observed in his verdict that while a ‘blasphemer’ is wajibul qatl (deemed to be killed), and can only be forgiven by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself, the case raised two major questions.
First, who declares one a blasphemer, and two, if one is declared as such, who will execute them?
The judge decreed that individuals cannot be given the authority to determine a person a blasphemer, infidel or non-Muslim.
Besides, individuals cannot be allowed to execute the punishment because it would pave the way for anarchy and turmoil in society, the judge added.
The judge also rejected Qadri’s defence of acting on sudden provocation.
“The statements of the governor about blasphemy laws were published in 2010 and the murder was committed on January 4, 2011,” the judge observed.
“Further it was not the plea of the accused that the deceased made these remarks in his presence. The accused himself put a provocative question to Taseer as he was coming out of restaurant and it was not the deceased who provoked the killer,” the judge added.
The conviction sparked countrywide protests by Qadri’s supporters, and in Rawalpindi, lawyers of district bar association forced the Lahore High Court (LHC) chief justice to transfer Shah, the trial judge.
Appeal pending
Qadri, represented by former LHC chief justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, appealed his conviction at the Islamabad High Court (IHC).
The court admitted the appeal for regular hearing on October 12, 2011.
Qadri, in his appeal, has argued that he did not commit a murder but killed a blasphemer and that the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) could not grant him death sentence for murdering an individual.
His lawyers have further argued that the trial court, while handing down death sentence on two counts to Qadri, avoided Islamic jurisprudence laws.
They have further maintained that the ATC in Rawalpindi was not legally allowed to conduct the trial of the former constable in Adiala jail, since he did not commit any offence related to terrorism.

Muhammad Apologizes For All His Sins

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South Korean pastor, Bo Ra Choi has been seen vision of hell for the last several years. She has seen so many people in hell. She saw Prophet Muhammad was suffering in hell. Muhammad was screaming and shouting not to come to hell. The audio sound was recorded in the local church in South Korea during the worship service. She speaks in Korean what she heard from Muhammad. She also has seen numerous people like former South Korean president, budist monks, etc. Heaven and hell is real place. Jesus is the only way to go to heaven.

I'm sorry, so sorry
That I was such a fool
I didn't know
Love could be so cruel
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, yes
You tell me mistakes
Are part of being young
But that don't right
The wrong that's been done
(I'm sorry) I'm sorry
(So sorry) So sorry
Please accept my apology
But love is blind
And I was to blind to see
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, yes
You tell me mistakes
Are part of being young
But that don't right
The wrong that's been done
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, yes
I'm sorry, so sorry
Please accept my apology
But love was blind
And I was too blind to see