Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pakistani "Nudist" (Veena Malik) Does Hollywood

Veena Malik seems ready to get nude and for Hollywood

Pakistani model turned actress Veena Malik, who was caught under controversies for her nude and topless image on the men’s fashion magazine FHM, has now purportedly said that she is not at all hesitant in posing nude for Hollywood.
Veena said that if she was in Hollywood, she has to work accordingly and if their culture demands to expose flesh then she would do it.
Talking about culture, she said that while being in India, she works according to the culture of India and same as when she is in Pakistan, Veena takes care that her work should not breach their culture.
Ever since Veena Malik's bare bodied photo with an ISI tattoo on her arm went viral, she has been inundated with threats from her country. Counter lawsuits are also been threatened between Veena and FHM with allegations levelled against each other.
Well, after being in news since a long period of time, Is Veena Malik again ready to hit headlines?

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