Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"Shaved Head" Look "The Rage" Throughout Ummah

Kuwaiti man shaves sister’s head for receiving ‘flirtatious texts’

A Kuwaiti man was stopped by police as he attempted to shave his sister’s head on the suspicion that she was behaving inappropriately on her mobile phone, reported al-Watan newspaper.

According to the newspaper the man, who was not named, went through his sister’s phone and found messages of a romantic nature which enraged him.

He began to shave her head as punishment and to “protect” his family’s honor, the Egyptian online newspaper Bikaya Masr quotes al-Watan as reporting.

The sister was able to call the police during her ordeal and they arrived and intervened.

Honor crimes are not unique to Kuwait, nor are their incidents restricted to the Arab world.

A Canadian man of Afghan descent is currently on trial in Toronto for the 2009 murder of his first wife and three daughters in a case of honor killings.

A German man of Lebanese descent shot his step daughter, Rola El-Halabi, a well-known boxing personality in Berlin last year because she was involved in a relationship with a non-Muslim.

There are many stories to illustrate that honor crimes are not restricted to one religion or nationality.

A Kuwaiti man slit the throat of his 14-year-old daughter in 2005 because he suspected her of having sex reported the BBC.

He is reported to have blindfolded and bound her before murdering her in front of her siblings.

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