Monday, 26 November 2012

Oops! ... How Not To Court The Muslim Vote

A former Conservative peer has waded into the row surrounding the controversial new Tory campaign chief, Lynton Crosby, by saying she agrees the party should not court Muslim votes because they are "all on benefits".
Last week, the Mail on Sunday quoted a source suggesting the Australian strategist had told Boris Johnson, during the mayoral election campaign, to concentrate on traditional Tory voters instead of "fucking Muslims".
Ian Birrell, a former speechwriter for Cameron, called Crosby a "disastrous signing" for the Tories in an article for the Independent.
But this week, the MoS quoted Shreela Flather, a cross-bench peer who quit the Tories in 2008, as saying: ‘I don’t condone swearing, but Lynton is right to say it is pointless for the Conservatives to chase Muslim votes. They are all on benefits and all vote Labour.’ more here

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