Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas? Ha ... Bum Hug!!!!

It looks like a few years from now, if not already this year, people in many countries will be deprived of the right to celebrate Christmas. In various parts of the world, more and more people are expressing dissatisfaction that when the season comes, Christmas symbols appear in the streets and Christmas shows are on TV.

In the US city of Santa Monica, a local judge banned displaying dioramas depicting scenes from Jesus Christ’s life. In Brussels, a real scandal broke out when a Christmas tree was set up in the city’s main square.
If this trend continues, it may happen that very soon, people will be able to learn about Christmas only from old books and films – or, at least, from elderly people who still remember Christmas celebrations of old days.

... There are in fact two reasons why Christmas is becoming a non grata holiday.
   One is that the West is becoming more and more secular. 
   The second is the growing influence of Muslims in Europe. 

In one Danish town, the local Muslim community has expressed sharp protest against putting a Christmas tree in the main square. The same happened in Brussels. In the French city of Montarg is, a heated discussion has started on the appropriateness of Santa Claus. 

“In today’s Europe, a conflict between different religions is inevitable,” another expert in religions, Yuri Tabak, says. “Unfortunately, I don’t know how this problem could be solved.”
“Muslim immigrants in Europe, as a rule, demand tolerance to Islam and to their traditions from Europeans, but, at the same time, they themselves don’t want to be tolerant towards Christianity and European traditions,” Mr. Tabak says. “In such a situation, conflicts are inevitable. Moreover, the West is now experiencing a crisis of Christian values, they are being actively substituted by secular ones, while the same cannot be said about Muslim values in Muslim countries. Most likely, the number of Muslims in Europe will only increase in the nearest future, and it will be more and more difficult for native-born Europeans to celebrate Christian holidays.”

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