Monday, 17 December 2012

Fatwas in Favour of the Egyptian Education Ministry

Death To Mickey Mouse!

Although the Egyptian Referendum on the New Constitution has not been passed into law, as yet, educators are pressing forward with proposed changes that would give education a more Arabized perspective.

Article 12 of Egypt's Draft Constitution:

"The state shall safeguard the cultural and linguistic constituents of society, and foster the Arabisation of education, science and knowledge."

Examples of recent rulings (fatwas) issued by some of the Muslim-world's most respected teachers and leaders:

Fatwa concerning drinking Mohammed's urine - Egypt’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Ali Gomaa declared drinking the urine of Muhammad is deemed a great blessing.
He is one of the internationally most respected Islamic jurists according to U.S. News & World Report and The National as well as being considered "a highly promoted champion of moderate Islam."

Fatwa concerning breast-feeding adult males - Dr. Izzat Atiya, Department Head at Al Azhar University in Cairo lifted the Islamic restriction on unmarried men and women being together.
But only if the woman breast-fed her male colleagues five times a day.

Fatwa concerning polio vaccinations - Claiming that polio vaccinations are actually an American plot to make Muslim children sterile, Pakistani Cleric Mufti Khalid Shah declared a fatwa against polio vaccinations.
Polio is still in epidemic proportions in Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as the Muslim-dominated areas of Nigeria and India, due in no small degree to the fatwa issued.

Fatwa concerning a flat earth - Abdel-Aziz bin Baz, the former Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa insisting that the world was flat.
The now deceased Grand Mufti stated that images provided by satellite to the contrary were nothing but a Western conspiracy against the Islamic world.

Fatwa concerning death to Mickey Mouse - Sheikh Muhammad Munajid, former diplomat with the Saudi Embassy in the United States declared a fatwa against Mickey Mouse, calling the lovable rodent "one of Satan's soldiers."
The learned Sheikh went on to declare;
"According to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases."

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