Thursday, 20 December 2012

I Hate Jews...

... My Brother did too!

The sister of Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah has been questioned at a police station in France after she was filmed saying she was "proud" of the actions of her brother and that she "detested" Jewish people, comments which could lead to her being charged with inciting racial hatred.   The video clip of Souad Merah appeared on French TV channel M6, who originally aired the footage on November 11th, although her lawyer now claims that the incident was a "set up".   French-Algerian Islamist Mohammed Merah murdered three French soldiers before later undertaking a premeditated attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse on March 19 this year, killing three Jewish children and a Rabbi.   Three days after the mass murder, police engaged in a tense 32 hour siege of the al-Qaeda supporter’s home, during which he fired numerous shots at officers, before being killed as he attempted to escape through a bathroom window.

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