Monday, 3 December 2012

Islam: A profound State of Denial

Necrophilia in Islam is OK?  ... No!  ... It Can't Be!
This article could be about Necrophilia, ... but it's not. ... This isn't even a fresh News article! There are many, many issues that Muslims can't (won't) discuss. To do so would mean they offend their Prophet and that's never a good thing!
In Fact, the issue of Islamic Law Sanctioning Sex with the Dead is is just Another Example of How Muslims Live In a Profound State of Denial.

... Fatwa must be Invalid. 
... Imam can't be Qualified. 
... Islam Is Beautiful!

Here's an Imam's Commentary, ... He Thinks It's Disgusting Too!

... and Here's Why The Act Is Sanctioned.

Necrophilia Legalised for Muslims 

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