Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Jakarta Police Arrest Four In Sinister Pork Plot

Jakarta Police arrested four people on Wednesday for running a meat processing factory that allegedly mixed pork into what is supposed to be pure beef meatballs, which are used in the popular soup better known here as bakso.

The arrest was made during a joint raid of the factory near Cipete market in South Jakarta by police and the farming and fisheries unit of the South Jakarta administration.

The factory has supplied meatballs to bakso vendors in Jakarta.

“[The operators] had been mixing beef and pork to produce meatballs in this meat processing factory,” an official with the Jakarta administration, Nurhasan, said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

“Prior to this [raid], we gathered samples of the processed meat, and they tested positive for pork,” he added, according to the official news website of the Jakarta administration,

In majority-Muslim Indonesia, consumption of pork is considered haram (forbidden under Islam) by many.


  1. Bacon ... Ham? Soon this will be a country despoiled by pigs (and apes). With all the mischief in the land (Indonesia), you have to wonder who's behind all these evil plots? ... Leading the Ummah astray!