Monday, 17 December 2012

Judenfrei ... Sweden's Policy of Social Democracy

Norway is "Judenfrei" ... Is Sweden Next?

Recently, I was surfing the sea of hate (aka the internet) and found a rather revealing tree of information.
Take a look at this rubbish on this web page and then (after you recover from the insult to your intelligence and humanity) follow the linked pages the blog administer has included.

... Quite Revealing!
... As they say ... "Follow The Money"
... Here's the link to the Blog
Here's some of the content from the page:

Organized Jew Victor Berslov Reichmann, protesting the fact that firecrackers were thrown at an empty synagogue, which can be seen in the background. Swedish politicians walk beside him to show solidarity with the brutal Jewish occupation of Sweden.


Firecrackers were thrown at an empty center for organized Jewish crime andpedophilia, also known as a synagogue. Jews and traitors soiled their diapers and started screaming like hysterical bitches, about gas chambers, soap and lamp shades.International Jewry immediately sent ambassadors, to extort money from the Swedish tax payers. Among them were baby-penis sucking rabbi Andrew Baker, representing OSSE. Another one was Hanna Rosenthal, the head of the “Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism” in the Obama Administration.

No need to comment really. Just by looking at her justifies extermination of the entire Jewish race.
The Swedish people are suffering under a brutal Jewish occupation, their elderly are starving alone in retirement homes, their girls are gang-raped by Jew-led invaders. Meanwhile, backstabbing Swedish politicians promise the Jews, that protecting theeternal parasites is the highest priority for the Swedish government. According to the Swedish Minister of Integration, Erik Ullenhag, there are no limits, when it comes to providing filthy Yid monsters with money and safety.

... Guess Who? ... Radio Islam!
... Nordfront? ... a Nice Democratic Socialist Site!
... Go Figure? ... Who'd have guessed that Islam and Nazis Dance to the same tune?
Check Out The Scandinavian Perspective on the 

National Socialism - a responsible

The Jews' role


Zionists choice from hell

1. Population of Sweden ... 9,543,000
2. Muslim Population in Sweden ... 500,000 (1 in every 20 Swedes is a Muslim) 
3. Jewish Population in Sweden ... 20,000 (1 in every 500 Swedes is Jewish)

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... I Sure Did:

If you think that the Joooz are the problem in Sweden, then obviously you haven’t been paying much attention to that other religiously identifiable community. … You know the one! … Ya, it’s the one that has been bombing your shopping centres, burning your churches, raping your women and murdering your children. … But hell, how were you to know? … You’ve been busy, right?
BTW … The Joooz are used to all this and have have seen this act many times before. … In fact, they saw the writing on the Swedish wall (aka spineless abandonment of your culture and country to the Islamists) a long time ago. That’s why they’ve been leaving your country in droves.
Have a very Merry Christmas. … BTW That other group (you know … the 911 guys) are multiplying like rabbits in your country and have got great plans for you.
Who knows? … In time, and after the caliphate is established, maybe we’ll meet sometime … in Israel!

Thanks to Gates of Vienna

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