Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Middle East: The Christian Exodus

For those of you that think Jews are the only target of Islam.

...  A hundred years ago it's thought that around a fifth of the population of the Middle East was Christian, although it's hard to be certain. These days the figure is probably closer to 5%.

... Christians are no longer a majority in Lebanon which was once a political and cultural stronghold
and they're even in a minority in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, the very birthplace of Christ. 
Christian Flight:
In an age where we tend rather arrogantly to see Christianity as a phenomenon of the developed world -the faith that colonising Europeans took to the territories they conquered - it's worth remembering that the Middle East is the cradle of the faith.
St Paul was travelling to Damascus when he was blinded in a moment of conversion, after all. The street where he stayed as he recovered is still there now.
If current trends continue, then soon Christian influence in the Middle East may dwindle to nothing.
At the moment Egypt is something of a stronghold - about 10% of the population are Copts - descendants of the ancient pre-Muslim inhabitants of the country. But modern Egypt is overwhelmingly Muslim, and many Christians are worried that under an Islamist government, the country will become for them an increasingly cold house. More Here.

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