Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Newtown Massacre ...The Jooz Did It!

Full Transcript Here
... You have to realize that Israel has been operating death squads in the U.S., since Gabby Giffords and Judge Roll were shot in Tucson.
There have been other incidents, such as the Aurora, Colorado shooting, that was again Israeli death squads operating in the U.S.
 I don’t know... I am so disgusted with Israel and their behavior on the international stage. 
[...] Hollywood is Jewish-owned and Jewish-controlled, and they spew filth and they spew violence out.
[...] Let’s look at gun control and at who wants to take the guns away: Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer. Those are all Jewish senators, Jewish people, who want to take guns away from normal law-abiding middle-class Americans, who have a right under this Constitution to do it.
They have been trying to destroy this country and Constitution for the last 70 years, since the Frankfurt School came over here from Germany.
 I, for one, [think that] it is time to push back. We are not going to sit back and take this Zionist-occupied government that we have in this country anymore.
It is time for meaningful change, and to bring this [country] back to a true constitutional republic. [...] I am very much anti-Israel.
I want Israel off the face of the earth. They are the source of all problems in the Middle East. They are the original terrorists. Do not forget that this killing in Newtown was a revenge killing because Israel lost the vote about Palestine being recognized in the U.N.
That is all it is about, it happens every time. It is Israelis acting out, throwing a fit, and exacting revenge from the United States.
 That is exactly what it is and I am tired of the kid-gloves with Israel, it is time to go bare knuckles with them. Let’s go.


  1. Meds, Schmeds ... It's not a question of pharmaceuticals.
    If meds were being prescribed for this guys mental condition, this guy's derangement would fall under the category of "Just Plain Nuts"!