Sunday, 16 December 2012

On Being a Kuffar In A Sovereign Muslim Canada

Have you ever considered what life would be like for you (as a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Atheist Or Anything Other Than a Muslim) in an Islamic Canada?

If the Reality (aka Lie) of the Arab Spring hasn't given you pause to consider the possibilities, perhaps a lesson from History will give you a Clearer View of the journey down the Straight Path.

1947: The Creation of Pakistan

 Living In Pakistan Now as a Hindu

Living In Pakistan (2009) as a Christian

Note: Pakistan's Miister for Minorities shown in this video, Shahbaz Bhatti, (a Christian) was assassinated in 2011 by Muslim Religious Fanatics for criticizing the blasphemy law.

Living as a Jew in Pakistan

There are Few Jews  In Pakistan

... But it Could Never Happen Here, Could It?

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