Friday, 21 December 2012

So ... It's That Kind of Party!

Published on September 20, 2012
"A national picture of femininity, motherhood and beauty" - Charter FEMEN women's movement FEMEN is a patriot founded in Kiev in 2008 and directed by Anna Hutsol. The FEMEN became internationally known for their events, happenings and performances topless for the promotion of democracy, freedom of the press, women's rights, protection of mothers and the environment, and against corruption prostitution, sex tourism, pornography, violence, racism, and poverty. The FEMEN differ from other feminist movements in this, they are erotic, female, beautiful, artist, funny and committed, but also patriotic and proud of their roots. They denounce sex tourism from their mother motherland Ukraine, but also abroad involved, since the attack just as traditional patriarchy that modern operating body of the woman.That is why their side trancourant feminism's closer to the matriarchy that castrating feminist patriarchal French or Western (type Isabelle Alonso) as we know it. Movement Matricien did not fail to make the connection with the people of Ukraine Scythian ancient homeland of the legendary Amazons, dreaded by the ancient Greeks, as they themselves identify with these warriors of old matriarchs, which Greek literature reported, and they are undoubtedly the descendants. "Our God is a woman," they proclaim. Feminists hated by leftist anti-Trotskyist fascist virility anti-motherhood, they are the future of feminism authentic. FEMEN protest aims to always topless, sometimes painted in the colors of flags of Ukraine (blue and yellow), adorned with traditional wreaths.The flag of their country between teeth, traditional wreaths on their heads are symbols of belonging to a country, a nation. Their charter: WE ARE THE WOMEN'S MOVEMENT. We build a national picture of femininity, maternity and beauty based on the experience of women's movements Euro-Atlantic. We set up new standards, trademarks civilian traffic in Ukraine. OUR OBJECTIVES: To respond to and influence the social problems of the Ukrainian society, especially those that directly affect the interests of the Ukrainian woman. Actively to counter negative trends threatening the physical and mental health of the Ukrainian community of women. inform society of Ukrainian women issues and problems. To develop leadership, integration of intellectual and moral qualities of the young women in Ukraine. To build the image of Ukraine, the country with great opportunities for women. To establish cooperation with other international women's organizations, to carry out large-scale international programs on the territory of Ukraine. reporting website FEMEN:

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