Friday, 28 December 2012

The "Price Tag" Tied To "Identity"

... From Country to Country
... So It Seems!
For Europe! The meeting of the IB in FFM 
Published on Dec 1, 2012
Last Saturday, the 1st December 2012 took place in Frankfurt for the first meeting of the Germany-wide identity-movement. About 50 people from across the country had traveled. Even representatives of the Austrian and Italian identity
itären came.
The organization worked, excellent thanks to the punctuality of all the participants and without any disturbances and incidents, we could devote the cause for which we had come together: the organization and unification of identitary forces in Germany.
Unanimously at the meeting was a request for federal structuring adopted the IB and from the congregation were 4 Responsible for Presssearbeit, IT, finance, and a line selected.
Furthermore, the foundation for a common contextual course was laid, the tie directly to the 4 positions and develop the identarian idea further.
The IB took effect on 1 December 2012 from their online existence in reality. A Germany-wide network was created through work items were summarized and simplified. The IB is no fluke, no fad and no volatile, viral Internet phenomenon.
We are since 1 December an organized campaign of action and capable community of European contacts, clear ideas and sharp objectives. At this moment, all over the country feverish preparations for future actions and networks running. The identity-off in Germany has only just begun! We will be releasing over the next few days videos, images and reports of our meeting. All inquiries and applications for membership, please go to: contact @ identitarian movement

Hardbass FFM die 2
Published on Dec 3, 2012
On 1 December 2012 was the first Germany-wide meeting instead of the IB. Some activists wanted equal usher with an action, and so we'll grab us a blaster and spontaneous masks to with fat beats against multiculturalism and Islamization Bassen. ;)
Nothing brings more momentum and the movement as Hardbass. Cheer up guys: snippets do, get music + mask and put the bass in your city. Dance the Reconquista!

German victim-offender foreign
Published on November 25, 2012
Day by day, German victims of bullying, robbery, assault, rape and murder. All explanations that will fail to reduce this phenomenon on social or economic issues. It is a ehtnische fault line, an invisible war in the German are specifically selected as a victim. We need to talk about and defend ourselves. We are no longer victims of their own city! Reported racist violence against German and defends you against

We need to talk about ...
Published on November 23, 2012
We are the identitarian movement. We are a European networked initiative, which is about the future of our ethno-cultural identity. We oppose racism, hate us violence, and advocate a Viefalt and free development of nations and cultures. That means we would also have to defend their selves. We pose the question of Germany's future and identity. We want to finally start an honest discussion about our future. We no longer believe in the utopia of our parents' generation. We experience their failure every day on his own body!We are the generation of identity-and we will not be silent!

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