Saturday, 5 January 2013

Building Bridges Based on Freedom and Justice

Muslim Brotherhood
Over the past few days, many Facebook and Twitter activists launched pages ridiculing the alleged "Brotherhood Unit 95" idea, mocking media myths promoted by print and broadcast media affiliated with deposed Mubarak’s business friends and cronies.

Unfounded media rumors falsely reported that the fact-finding committee – set up by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to investigate the death of many revolutionaries during the events of the January revolution and its aftermath – accused the Brotherhood of killing demonstrators in Tahrir using a so-called Unit 95. Many young Brothers rejected those lies and a number of them posted their eyewitness statements about those baseless allegations.

Sherif Heshmat, a revolutionary youth and a Brotherhood member, said that claims accusing the Brotherhood of killing demonstrators are the latest ludicrous attempts of the remnants and their corrupt media to defame the reputation of honorable young Brothers who defended Egypt and its revolution vigorously along with other patriotic youth.

"Brotherhood youth stood bravely in the way of National Party thugs who viciously attacked unarmed demonstrators. We were keenly determined to keep the Muslim Brotherhood message a peaceful one, as ever. It has never and will never resort to violence. 

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