Monday, 7 January 2013

... Check Please!

A row over an unpaid restaurant bill in a western Indian city has escalated into a riot between Hindus and Muslims that's left four people dead and 175 injured.
The unrest broke out in Dhule in Maharashtra state on Sunday, special inspector-general Deven Bharti said.
Four rioters were killed by police firing while 113 policemen were among the injured, he said.
Bharti said investigations were still under way, but it appeared a quarrel over a restaurant bill had provoked a mass brawl that left shops smashed, motorbikes burned and glass strewn across the streets.
Previous riots between Hindus and Muslims in Dhule broke out in October 2008, leaving 10 dead.
"The restaurant owner was from one community and the customer from the other," Bharti explained, declining to name the parties involved.
"The customer went and took 50 people from his community and assaulted the restaurant owner, and people from the owner's community also gathered and started arsoning and rioting," he said.
Bharti said the police had used sticks, tear gas and plastic bullets before resorting to live ammunition to quell the trouble.

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