Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I Hate Jews!

... Wait A Minute!
... You Can't Get Away with Saying That!
... It's Anti-Semitic!

Is It Just Me, Or Is There Worldwide Hate On Against Jews?


... I Kinda Wondered About This So I Thought To Myself:
"Who Would Know The Answer To This Question"? ... Hmmm?
... I Know, I'll Call "Mr. Google", He Knows Everything!
... So I Did An "Exact Word" Google "Video" Search using the Phrase "I Hate Jews" just to See The Kind Of Stuff That Really "Pisses People Off" About These Damned Jews!
Results Here:  http://goo.gl/71P5K
Lots of Results: 2,420,000 videos
Pretty Nasty Stuff too! ... Boy Those Damned Joooz Piss People Off!

... So then it Occurred To Me, ... Maybe I Should Ask "Mr. Google" The Same Question About Muslims.
... Maybe The Results Would Be Similar, Right?
... So I Did An "Exact Word" Google "Video" Search using the Phrase "I Hate Muslims" just to See The Kind Of Results "Mr. Google" Would Come Up With.
Results Here: http://goo.gl/N5gvF
It's Kinda Weird How These Queries Work! ... Just 809,000 Results!
How Can That Be? ... That's Like a 3 to 1 Ratio!
And There's Another Odd Thing!
... When You View Most Of The Videos,
... You Find That Most Of The Vids Seem To Be Made By Muslim Apologists Who Feel Oppressed!

... But Then It Hit Me, I Got A Flash Of Brilliance and Figured It All Out!
... The Whole World Doesn't Hate Jews!
... Hell No! ... You See ... It's Just That The Internet Is Controlled By The Jooz!
... That's Right "Mr. Google" Is Really A Zionist Plot!
... It's A Secret Zionist Plot Designed To Enslave Us All!

God, I'm Glad I Got That All Figured Out!

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