Thursday, 31 January 2013

More Muslim Patrols Cleaning "Their" Streets

Looks like a lot of people "patrolling", besides their "patrolling" for un-Islamic behavior they seem to have set up quasi-checkpoints. The ironic thing about their concern about prostitution is that the majority of Prostitution rings that have been uncovered by Police in England from the past few years have been almost exclusively run by Muslims, specifically Pakistani Muslims. Hundreds of Muslims have been arrested in the past 2-3 years running prostitution rings, but these weren't normal prostitution rings in the sense of willing adult women who needed to make money, most of these victims were British girls in their Early teens and pre-teens.some as young as 11 Many from disadvantaged homes, who were preyed upon by Older men who would circle around in their cars looking for victims to kidnap or ensnare with drugs and alcohol. They would then be viciously abused and molested and passed around the Muslim community in highly organized networks. Police have estimated that there could be ten's of thousands of victims, almost all young underage British girls. 
Here is the latest example from a network arrested just last week: 

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