Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Statements Against The Apartheid Zionist Entity Were Taken Out Of Context

Morsi: My statements against America and the Zionists were Taken Out of context and I said it because of the aggression on Gaza.
President Mohamed Morsi President Mohamed Morsi
Said Dr. Yasser Ali, a spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, Pres Mohamed Morsi explained to the American delegation, which met under the leadership of Senator John McCain, that the statements attributed to him against America and the Zionists, were taken out of context, as uttered at a conference in 2010 due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza.
Ali added, "President Mursi delegation should broadcast remarks Mojtzih of his speech against the Israeli aggression on Gaza, also confirmed on full respect for the divine religions and freedom of belief and worship, as pointed out that the new constitution gives the right to enable holders monotheistic religions, the practice of".
The spokesman stressed that President Morsi, explained to the delegation the need for separation between Judaism and criticism of racist practices of the Israelis against the Palestinians, also stressed his respect for the deep strategic relations between the Egyptian and American peoples.
Ali said that the U.S. delegation assured the Prime Minister that they looked forward to the visit of President coming to Washington, also confirmed members of the delegation keen on the strong relationship and strategic partnership with Egypt, which is one of the most important countries in the region, also stressed the importance of democratic transformation in the interest of all Egyptians.

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