Saturday, 5 January 2013

P.A. Prevents 3rd Intifada: Nabs Masked Jihadis

P.A. Spokesman:
... Culprits Put In Custody of P.A. Protective Security Force
... Holy Warriors Might Otherwise Have Been Caught By IDF

A spokesman for the terrorists vowed to pursue the fight against Israel until the liberation of all of Palestine, "from the river to the sea."
He said that the group has decided to launch the third intifada against Israel from the heart of Hebron so that it would expand to the rest of the Palestinian territories.
The spokesman also threatened that his group would kidnap IDF soldiers and other Israelis "if Israel continued to kill and arrest" Palestinians.
Sources in Hebron said that most of the masked men who appeared in the video were now in being held by the PA's Preventive Security Force. They identified three of the detainees as Mohamed Salaymeh, 18, Bilal Salaymeh, 18, and Farid Salaymeh, 16.
Two other detainees have been identified as Munjed Ahmaro, 19, and Izzadin Tabaneh, 17.

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