Friday, 4 January 2013

Peaceful Religious Retreat Offers "One On One" Counselling

London-based scholar and religious leader gives Muslim students a half-price discount on Islamic 'Retreat'.
  • How To Stand Up To "The Scourge of Homosexuality"
  • Latest Techniques on How To Throw Gays from The Tops Of Mountains
  • Complimentary Halal Lunch Included!
All Islamic society leaders should attend the event, and will be rewarded for passing on message to other students.
... Bring back the stoning of adulterers, punishing ‘traitors’ of religion with death, and supporting terrorist groups.
... ‘Some absurdly argue that homosexual inclinations are inherited through one’s genetics,’ ( in an article for magazine Islam 21C) . ‘However ridiculous such a claim may be, even if accepted for the argument’s sake, it still does not justify the criminal act.’
...  homosexuality was defined as a ‘criminal act’, and in order to ‘combat the scourge of homosexuality Allah has ordained us to speak out’.

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