Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bangladesh: Death To Bloggers!!!

Bangladesh’s Islamists Call for Death of ‘Atheist Bloggers’

The Bengali calendar turned anew on April 15th marking the beginning of the year 1420. But a rising tide of violent confrontations and political bickering makes it seem like the country is slipping back to the year 1420, in the Gregorian calendar.
On April 6, hundreds of thousands of men and boys spread out across the sweltering capital Dhaka to call for, among other things, the hanging of atheists. The mass mobilization of Islamists was spurred by a handful of “atheist” bloggers who are supposedly so offensive to Islam that they should face the hangman’s noose.
“There is no place in this country for atheists,” was one of the friendlier refrains that a supporter of the organizers, Hefazet Islami, a Sunni Muslim outfit from the country’s second largest city, Chittagong, told me.
The Islamist marchers listed 84 bloggers who they demand be arrested or hanged, In February an atheist blogger named Rajib was stabbed to death a month after blogger Asif Mohiuddin was nearly killed for his beliefs.

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