Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bomber's Mom: They Shot Him Because He's Muslim

Bomber's Mom: Allah Is The Greatest! 
... Didn't She Miss Something? ... Maybe a Few Kind Words For the 3 Murdered and Hundreds Maimed at the hands of her children?

Boston bombing suspects' mom tells CNN's Nick Paton Walsh she does not believe they're involved in the bombings.

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Special Report: The radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev
"In America, he had been a cocky and charismatic heavyweight boxer who wore fancy pointy leather shoes and slick white shirts down to the gym. In Dagestan, the volatile southern Russian region where he lived for a time as a teen and returned to spend the first half of 2012, he became a quiet young man who spent his days online studying Islam, nursing a growing anger against heretics. Exactly what turned Tamerlan Tsarnaev into the suspect accused of three murders and mass wounding in the Boston Marathon bombings may never be known. He died in a gunfight with police leaving no explanation. His younger brother and alleged co-conspirator Dzhokhar is in hospital, barely able to speak. But a picture has emerged in the days since Tamerlan was killed of a proud but angry young man who never quite achieved his own idea of the American dream, but found solace instead in a radical form of Islam adopted by fighters in his homeland
"His radical turn could very well have happened here," Dagestani sociologist Zaid Abdulagatov said. "The Islam that we have in Dagestan today is very tough, very politicized, very dark at times."
As in the cases of other now infamous young men from immigrant backgrounds - like France's Mohammed Merah, who died in a shootout with police a year ago after killing seven people on a gun rampage in Toulouse - it may be impossible to disentangle the psychological demons from political motives. "It's a complicated mix of reasons, usually as much personal as they are transnational or global," says Rafaello Pantucci, who studies such cases at London's United Royal Services Institute, a defense and security think tank..."

Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties
"The mosque attended by the two brothers accused in the Boston Marathon bombing has been associated with other terrorist suspects, has invited radical speakers to a sister mosque in Boston and is affiliated with a Muslim group that critics say nurses grievances that can lead to extremism. Several people who attended the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge, Mass., have been investigated for Islamic terrorism, including a conviction of the mosque's first president, Abdulrahman Alamoudi, in connection with an assassination plot against a Saudi prince..."

Translations of the Meanings of the Noble Quran, Surah Al-Insan, Verse 30
"But you cannot will, unless Allâh wills. Verily, Allâh is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise."

Translations of the Meanings of the Noble Quran, Surah At-Taubah, Verse 51
"Say: "Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allâh has ordained for us. He is our Maulâ." And in Allâh let the believers put their trust."

Translations of the Meanings of the Noble Quran, Surah Al-Anfal, Verse 30
"And (remember) when the disbelievers plotted against you (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) to imprison you, or to kill you, or to get you out (from your home, i.e. Makkah); they were plotting and Allâh too was plotting; and Allâh is the Best of those who plot."

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