Sunday, 21 April 2013

Islam Protects The Honour of Women

“Honor killings” – the barbaric murder of women who “shame” their families through unapproved relations with males, by violating codes of behavior or dress, or by being victims of rape – are the most egregious example of women’s oppression.

Honor killings are prevalent in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, the Palestinian Authority (Gaza and the West Bank), Yemen and elsewhere in the region. In Israel, honor killings are outlawed and treated as murder.

Women face other injustices, including lack of laws to protect them from domestic violence, family law that requires “obedience” to husbands, and forced acceptance of arranged marriages. A woman’s testimony in court is worth less than a man’s. In several countries, women cannot travel to foreign countries without approval from a male relative.

Saudi Arabian women must have a male escort when they go outside their homes.

The rising incidence of mobbing, sexual assault and gang-rape has made many Egyptian women fearful of walking in public without a protector. Women throughout the Middle East “suffer from unequal citizenship and legal entitlement [and] inequality of opportunity.” Their “political and economic participation remains the lowest in the world,” according to the 2002 UN Human Development Report. Yet, rather than calling for reform of these unacceptable conditions, anti-Israel activists clamor for international denunciation of Israel, where all women, including Arabs and Jews, enjoy legal and institutional equality.

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