Sunday, 21 April 2013

“Killing an Arab”? ... or ... “Friday I’m in love”?

Pamela Geller
An Interview between  Basim Usmani and Pamela Geller

Usmani: Besides 9/11, is there a personal anecdote to share that led to you embarking on advocating against Sharia in the USA?
Pamela Geller: I always took my freedom for granted. It never occurred to me that it could be taken away. When I realized that, I knew I had to fight for it, because no one else was going to do it for me.
Usmani: Don’t you think the Muslim world's hatred of Obama should quell fears that he may be a secret-Muslim?
Pamela Geller: No. He has aided the advance of Islamic supremacism and Sharia all across North Africa. I don't know or care what his religion is. The problem him is his pro-Sharia foreign policy.
Usmani: Do you support Obama's use of drones and is he doing enough to protect America?
Pamela Geller: I am in favor of any lawful resistance to the jihad. Obama has done nothing to protect America against Islamization. He had Osama and Awlaki killed but aids those who advance their goal (Sharia over the West) by different, non-violent means.
Usmani: Could you maybe review, if only in a few words per track, some of my band's songs?

Pamela Geller: ... Love the rockabilly groove on "No one is gonna honor kill my baby" but "no one is gonna kill my baby but me" – But as for the lyirics, really?
Usmani: Yes it’s clearly satirical.
Pamela Geller: Satirical? About gender apartheid, creed apartheid, honor killings, persecution of religious minorities, mass murder? I wouldn't be so sure that many didn't take you literally—especially in Pakistan. There is a jihad punk movement (MEMRI etc) that spreads violent jihad.
Perhaps I was a bit too tongue-in-cheek in that 4-year-old post but I think you are doing your music and your talent a disservice. It's like joking about the ovens. Something’s just ain't funny.
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