Sunday, 21 April 2013

Learning ... "Arab Street 101"

Two-state solution: Another opportunity for Palestinian-Israel peace goes to waste

Changing attitudes and misconceptions in Washington about Israel’s actions is critical to ensuring the success of the two-state solution

GulfNews ... Take the example of the terms of reference for the peace process. Officially, they are founded on relevant UN Security Council resolutions, especially resolution 242, which reiterates the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territories by force (something which had already taken place during the establishment of the state of Israel in the 1948 war) and establishes the principle of land for peace. This requires Israel to return the land it acquired by force in the 1967 war — that is the West Bank, Gaza, occupied east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights — for recognition by, and peace with the Arab countries.

Maybe It's Just Me ... but ... It Seems That This Is All About Expelling Infidels From Muslim Lands

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