Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lesson: How To Be A Devout Muslim

Published on Apr 21, 2013
Issa Abd Rabbo killed two Israeli university students who were hiking south of Jerusalem in 1984. He is serving two life sentences in prison.

PA TV interview with Abd Rabbo's mother:
Abd Rabbo's mother: "He wasn't with me for four days. He lived in a cave. When he had carried out the operation (i.e., the killing of the two Israelis), he came back to me. He brought his weapon and came to me. He told me: 'Mother, I shot two.' [I asked him:] 'Who were those two? Were they Arabs?' He said: 'No, mother. Jews...' Praise Allah, the Almighty, his spirits are high... For 29 years he's been teaching generations [of prisoners], and people come and see him. Praise Allah, he has a great reputation. I am proud of my son. I'm proud like a tree that is planted in the ground and grows tall. Praise Allah, I'm proud. I wish I had another 10 [sons] like him. I have no regrets. Praise Allah the Almighty."

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