Saturday, 20 April 2013

Life Is A Beach for Christians, ... Isn't It?

Pakistan Christian Post
The Muslim killers of Benedict Taj and his sister in law Jacinta Robin are threatening to their families of dire consequences if they not withdrawn police reports against them.

As other families were enjoying beach air on popular picnic spot of Karachi Hawks bay on April 14, 2013, the unfortunate Christian family was also among them. The Christian family also rented a seaside hut and rushed to sea waves.

A group of Muslim boys started harassing girls of Christian family n which Benedict Taj request Muslim boys to “Leave them alone to enjoying their picnic” but Muslim boys started insulting them why they saw ‘Holy Cross” in neck chain of one of them.

The Muslim boys pressured Christian family to not go in sea water where Muslims were also taking bath. The Muslim boys said that “You are infidels and polluting water of sea where Muslims are bathing”

The gang of Muslim boys went to their vehicle and took their guns and came to Christian family and orders them to leave sea shore immediately.

The Christian family came to their hut which they have rented to keep their clothes and picnic food but gang of Muslims asked to leave seaside without taking their belongings.

On refusal of Christian family to leave beach without their stuff, the gang of Muslims opened fire on Christian family and before hundreds of gathering the shot in head like execution style to Benedict Taj and Jacinta Robin and injured other.

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