Sunday, 21 April 2013

Protocols of the Elders of the Muslim Brotherhood

Ahmed Arafa
Ahmed Arafa

The dust had barely settled in Boston last week when, like virulent microorganisms, conspiracy theories began to multiply exponentially on cyberspace in an attempt to ascertain who was responsible for the bombings—and, in keeping with the genre, some of the answers were typically atypical.

And here in Egypt, and the Middle East at large, we love our conspiracy theories like we love our sugary tea and our suicide bombers (boom!).

Daily News Egypt

What is really going on here, according to this mentally hyperactive fellow, is that, while you have been worrying and wringing your hands about all that’s been happening—the economy, the violence, the vigilantism—the Brotherhood have been (most Mossad-like) insidiously implanting their members (inserting their fingers?) into every institution in the country. “You can tell someone is a Salafi as soon as you look at them, but a Brother is much more inconspicuous. Can you point them out walking in the street?” (I, for example, have friends who are Brotherhood members, and who kept it secret from me until after the revolution, when, of course, it suddenly became hip—or more accurately, safe—to be Ikhwan).

“Soon, every major institution will be in their hands, and this time, we won’t be able to do anything about it.” Hit the streets? Hit the streets, and according to this fellow, Hamas operatives and allied Jihadists covertly stationed in the Sinai and elsewhere will turn Egypt into Syria. “When that happens, you will have to choose a side, and it will be pandemonium; a war in every harra and alley and street in Egypt.”

And that will be just the start of their evil and cunning plan to establish a global Islamic Caliphate (with Doha no doubt as its capital); the first step towards establishing  the Ikhwani Nirvana of ustathia—the global ascendancy of the (so-called) Islamic world.

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