Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Wages Of Islam Is ... Vigilanteism!!!

Video Shows is how Burmese (Myanmar) citizens deal with Islam.

The BBC has obtained video footage which shows the Burmese police standing by as shops, homes and mosques are looted and burnt, and failing to intervene as Buddhist mobs, including monks, kill fleeing Muslims. It has emerged as EU ministers meet to decide whether to permanently lift sanctions on Burma. Much of the footage, filmed in the town of Meiktila last month, was shot by the Burmese police themselves. This report by Jonah Fisher contains images of violence which you may find upsetting.

Myanmar has struggled as it tries to adapt to a more open society with festering ethnic tensions just below the surface. Animosities between Muslims and Buddhists had been kept in check during the country’s five decades of military rule. But the tensions have exploded recently as greater freedom of expression has allowed Buddhists to vent their rage against Muslims.

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