Saturday, 20 April 2013

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Sweden ... Social Democracy, Islam and anti-Semitism

The resignation of Omar Mustafa from the board of the Swedish Social Democrats was unavoidable. And it was quite likely the attitude of the Swedish Islamic Society (of which Mustafa is leader and spokesman), negative attitudes about the rights of women and LGBT groups, more than the obvious anti-Semitism, that sealed his fate.
In 2010 Mustafa took up his position as a spokesman of the Islamic Society after Abdirisak Waberi, who had been elected to the Swedish parliament for Moderaterna, a major center-right political party. During his tenure as leader, Omar Mustafa invited a number of proven anti-Semitic lecturers.
Among those was the English journalist Yvonne Ridley, who converted to Islam after being held prisoner by the Taliban in Afghanistan during 2001, and then turned into a militant Muslim and Israel-hater. According to one of her more infamous statements, “tentacles of the Jews are found everywhere”. Another anti-Semite invited by Mustafa was Azzam Tamimi, who has said that ”Israel is a cancer”. ...  More Here
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