Friday, 31 May 2013

Big Boobs and Curvy Asses: Dawah for Allah

The Barbie-Like Women of Turkey’s Creationist TV
Turkey's anti-evolutionist show girls (Photo: @ebru_altan_ /Twitpic)
Turkey’s Islamic creationist guru Adnan Oktar is a regular fixture on his TV channel A9 – for hours and hours, day after day. Today, as he often does, Oktar is talking about one of his many exhibitions of fossils that he says disproves evolution. Oktar and his cult-like organization have been in the Turkish media space for decades. But only last year did he deploy his new weapon in the battle against Darwinism. A flock of ostensibly attractive, curvy young women. The “kittens,” as he calls them, call him “master” and generally guffaw at the right moments and nod their heads in agreement with whatever he says. Some of the women have their own programs in which they also “debunk” evolution, among other things. Building Bridges Co-host Ebru Altan (Photo: Twitpic) The spectacle has attracted attention beyond the creationist community. Turkish artist Pinar Demirdag describes herself as a “visual narrator” of “extreme happenings.” She says she finds herself drawn to Oktar’s kittens, who look eerily as though they were all created in a Turkish barbie factory. Demirdag says:”They have almost the same proportion of assets, if I may say, and also the same clothing, the same hair, almost the same make up, posture, and like hip gestures.” Demirdag calls the spectacle a “sensation overload,” skillfully combining Islam, sexual objectification, demagoguery and Versace. “I believe his work is to master media,” says Demirdag. He knows very well what attracts Turkish people, what makes them talk, what makes them change their minds and what entertains them.” more here

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