Friday, 31 May 2013

BNP: Sharia Law in London

London and other parts of UK are in the Sharia law - expert
As the result of the after-shock of the recent killing in Woolwich, rallies are being held in London. Nick Griffin’s British National Party had applied to hold a march from Woolwich to Lewisham Islamic Centre, but police banned the event. What are the implications of the demonstration and what is behind its ban? To talk on this we are joined by Simon Darby, Spokesman for the British National Party.
Simon Darby
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I suppose the big question though people what to ask, why you are holding the one rally, I know ideally you want to hold a lot more around the country, why do you think these rallies are being held this weekend?
Obviously it is part of the after-shock of what happened in Woolich. We’ve got to bear in mind as well that Lee Rigby was a soldier, MEP, he lived in Manchester, he was one of Nick’s constituents, so that is why Nick wants to pay his respect. And also with the details of the event we have, we wanted to have a protest outside the Lewisham Islamic Center where even now as I speak they are advertizing marshal arts training for brothers as opposed to self-defense lessons for youngsters and one of the marshal art disciplines that they are actually advertising there actually involves the use of large knives. So, we don’t think that is a particularly good thing and one of those guys accused of murdering that poor soldier took his inspiration from that particular Islamic Center.
So, it is basically a reaction I suppose to the killing of Lee Rigby. What do you want to express through these demonstrations?
Ironically, it has already been done my the Metropolitan police because one of the things we wanted to get across to people was the fact that more and more London and other parts of the UK are in the Sharia law and what the Metropolitan police did last night – they released a statement saying that they defectively banned Nick from Woolich, an MEP is effectively given an exclusion zone, we can’t enter that part of London, because of community tension so to speak. We analyzed that: what that means is the Islamic community, broader Islamic community in London have threatened widespread civil disobedience and violence if the ban goes ahead. So, they capitulated, in other words, and in so doing bizarrely, they actually amplified our message because we’ve been warning about this for a long time, we’ve been shunted into White Hall by the Senator because that is the only place that they feel that they can counter our safety but that is the reality of modern London.

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