Monday, 20 May 2013

Desperately Seeking Peaceful Islam

America is desperate to find un-Muslim-like allies among the world’s Muslims. That is, Muslims who believe as Americans do that no particular religion should have the upper hand in politics and government.

Alas, the Pew Research Foundation polls keep revealing that this search is a chimerical quest. 

The Pew polling regularly reports overwhelming support in the “Muslim world” for the rule of Sharia, Islamic law, and for Islam-dominated policy and government.

Which inevitably means that Muslim nations are going to be suspicious of, if not hostile to, U.S. notions of what constitutes Islamic extremism.

This perhaps is why President Obama avoids using the modifier “Islamic” when referring to extremism, even extremism obviously based on interpretations of Islam. He perhaps believes such references would be counterproductive. (Perhaps he’s right, perhaps not.)

Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes has a mantra that goes: “Extreme Islam is the problem, moderate Islam is the solution.” Problem is, our notion of “moderate” may bear little resemblance to the notions prevalent in Muslim countries.

What if Muslims endorsed a particular religious perspective for Christians in American — Gnosticism, say? Not only would there likely not be a rush to embrace is, there would likely be a stampede to condemn it — and demands that Muslims mind their own damn business.

At last, however, American politicians of both parties and all ideological stripes — ranging from House minority leader Nancy Pelosi on the left to Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell on the right — believe they’ve found what America has long been looking for. They’ve latched onto a group they’re eager to certify as acceptable Muslims — Muslims who reject violence and Islamic triumphalism and support separation of church and state.

They’re known as “Ahmadi Muslims.” And with both sides of the aisle rallying to their cause, CIA and State Department funds no doubt will be flowing to them in torrents — or maybe already are. Demands are reverberating that the State Department take firm measures to condemn repression of the Ahmadis.

Peaceful? ... Yes!
Do they consider themselves to be good Muslims? ... Yes!

See the whole blog post on this topic: 
- This video is a brief investigation of the question "Are Ahmadis Muslim?" 
This video is a response to the accusation that Nabeel Qureshi was never a Muslim, 
and it sheds light on the issue from an informed outsider's perspective.

Ahmadis are Peaceful, ... Yes!
Are they considered to be Muslims by other Muslims? ... Not Really!
Whether Ahmadis are (or are not) a US friendly form of Islam is irrelevant. The fact that Ahmadis are treated as apostates and rigorously persecuted is proof enough that Islam has no room for revisionism. After 1400 years, no amount of Islamic reasoning has yet managed to re-invent Islam. As they say ... "The gates of Ijtihad are closed" ...

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