Sunday, 19 May 2013

She Nearly Pulled It Off ... In Tunisia!

Tunisian FEMEN Amina was arrested by Tunisian police Sunday, May 19 during riots in KairouanUnder the insults and "releases" Tyler Amina was conducted until police van after the tagged word "FEMEN" on a wall near a Uqba Ibn Nafaâ Mosque of Kairouan. It was before this mosque originally scheduled gathering Salafist Ansar Ashriaa. Some Tunisian media suggest that to protect the girl who had angered passers this inquiry was to.
According to a statement from the Ministry of Interior Tunisian Amina Tayler was also about to "execute an action contrary to decency." As a reminder, FEMEN have the habit of organizing operations punch showing off their bare chest covered with slogans. Columnist Caroline Fourest that support Amina in his approach from the beginning, has condemned the arrest.

 Published on May 19, 2013
Today and in the vicinity of a mosque obstacle son Nafi was faithful belonging to the movement FEMEN present on the spot did not otherwise reported by some media to reveal and expose her breasts but wrote on the wall of the cemetery adjacent to the mosque word FEMEN
which provoked the citizens who noticed doing so and waved at her slogan dégage and almost their reaction to evolve into Tanifaa not intervened to protect security and shut off. follow-up and filming and editing: Secretary Mtirawi the Facebook Nawaat the:
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