Saturday, 18 May 2013

France: Out Damned Spot!

Hit the road Jack!
 ... and ... 
Don't you come back ... NO MOH ... NO MOH!!!

The Interior Ministry announced Friday the arrest in La Rochelle, and deportation to Morocco a man, aged 24, who represented "a threat to state security." For several months, he posted on jihadist websites messages calling to commit murder or preparing attacks.

The man lived in La Rochelle. Moroccan nationality, he arrived in France in 2009, where he married a French woman and had two children. He was expelled Friday to Casablanca by the Ministry of the Interior, for having " called to commit attacks in France and in other European countries . " The deportation order was issued on April 29, after a procedure was initiated in March.
The young man uttered regularly calls for murder and attacks on websites to jihadist trend in French. He called for the murder of named individuals, including a French journalist "and a cleric, the ministry said.He called also encouraged to trap cars or burn airports or train stations.

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