Sunday, 5 May 2013

From the Cradle to the Grave ... Kill Jews!

Former President Bill Clinton on the US Holocaust Museum:

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary this week. Not everyone thought at the time that building a Holocaust Museum so close to the Mall was a good idea, but it has welcomed more than 34 million visitors since, testifying to a universally humbling recognition of a dark piece of human history and presenting a daunting challenge to the world in the phrase “never again.”

In a moving ceremony in the company of a thousand survivors of the Holocaust, Mr. Clinton focused on the memorial museum’s relevance to our present day. Although 99.5 of the human DNA links every human to the others with virtually identical genes, he observed that the masses tend to dwell on the 0.5 percent of separation “that makes us vulnerable to the fever, the sickness that the Nazis gave to the Germans.” It is that virus that we can see taking form today in our interdependent world “that is the biggest threat to our children and grandchildren.”

The former president’s words sound all the more menacing to anyone watching a YouTube video recorded from Iqra TV in Saudi Arabia. In it, a bright-eyed, plump-cheeked 3-year-old girl in a white hijab, has been carefully programmed to answer a female interviewer’s questions:

and so it goes ...

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