Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gay Marriage Will Rob Muslim Parents of their Rights

 ... do you mean the parental right (Shariah Law) to throw your Gay Child headlong from the highest cliff?

There's nothing quite like a piece of controversial legislation to stir debate amongst the huddled masses, is there? 

We live in a culture of political correctness where, more often than not, "we the people" sit in silence rather than say something derogatory or offensive.

Regardless what opinion you may hold on the subject of Gay Marriage, it is interesting to read the variety of opinion that David Cameron has stirred with his Gay Marriage Bill in the UK.

It didn't take long after David Cameron tabled the Bill for Muslim leaders to speak strongly against Gay Marriage stating (Gay Star News)  :
 "Gay marriage will ‘rob’ parents of their rights" 
"‘Muslim parents will be robbed of their right to raise their children according to their beliefs, as gay relationships are taught as something normal to their primary-aged children.’"

Cameron is facing considerable objection to this legislation with many in his own party urging him to scrap the bill.

Douglas Murray: One Law For All
Interestingly, the issue of gay marriage has become the lens 
whereby the elephant in the room (Islamization) has once again been brought into focus.

As you can see from the reader comments there is a considerable constituency of concerned Gays and Lesbians who have serious concerns about how the Islamization of the UK will (and already has) effected the quality of life for them.


  • Keith Francis Farrell ·  Top Commenter
    What a bunch of morons, they say ‘Marriage is a sacred contract between a man and a woman that cannot be redefined.’ well where is that in their religion, they buy their woman, take away all their rights and treat them like shit. Their woman have no say. they are assets, nothing more. they are treated like slaves. to breed and look after their masters home. get your facts straight. I am not muslim and I will not have your hgateful evil religion telling me what I may or may not do. I demand equal rights.

    • Mobeen Azhar · British Broadcasting Corporation
      Can we please not turn this into an anti-Muslim issue? Christian groups have voiced similar 'concern' so lets be fair-most religious groups are backward and bigoted when it comes to gay rights. They should all be challenged equally.

      • Robert Canning · University of Leeds
        I agree they should all be challenged equally, but this article is about the bigotry of Muslim leaders, so it is likely to attract comments critical of their Islamic perspective.

      • John Dineley ·  Top Commenter · London, United Kingdom
        Indeed. But this is a Muslin issue as they made the statement.

    • Lorenza Brookes ·  Top Commenter
      I did wonder when they would stick their nose in. Giving Islam has the highest rape and child abuse of all cultures, Cathoilc being the second highest; I think they should sort their own nasty culture out before complaining about others.

      • Steven Main · Cardigan, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
        I am not a racist but if they do not like how this country is run they could go home.

        • Tom O'Bedlam ·  Top Commenter
          Absolutely. They can go back to any number of their theocratic countries where anyone who is not an adult male is treated as worthless chattel.

      • Omar Kuddus ·  Top Commenter · Director/Advocate at GayAsylumUK · 167 subscribers
        Those who oppose Equal Marriage for gay people are homophobes plain and simple for marriage is NOT an religious institution but a civil right, in law, thus making the fi line of their open letter, ‘Marriage is a sacred contract between a man and a woman that cannot be redefined.’ on which they base their objection redundant.
        We do not live in a country where Sharia law is enforce ( for my views see and in my interpretation of the Koran, Islam does not condemn homosexuality and thus there is no reason for denying gay Muslims the chance to marry.( ).
        Needless to say that the Muslim leaders in this article DO NOT represent the views of the entire Muslim population in the UK and especially of this Gay Muslim advocate.

        • James S Russell · Works at Coaching Worx
          Having been born & raised in a Muslim country, I well remember how many Muslim men committed 'homosexual' acts 'because' their women were in Purdah. This reminds me of the work by Proff Gordon Issacs who defined the difference between being gay and being homosexual, or just committing homosexual acts. Although homosexuality was and still is illegal in Most muslim countries, it is considered as aquite acceptable way for the male population to "get their rocks off". 'Many do it but no one talks about it'. As a "Christian" there are some many fine things I admire about the Muslim religion, but as with Christianity, I abhor double standards.

          • Leeze Lawrence ·  Top Commenter · 31 years old
            These extremists have no say in society, their laws are not recognised in Europe or the western world.

            I feel that anyone or culture coming to a western world should adopt the principality of that country, that includes the law and the oath to honour the crown. And all that represents it. The UK is fat too weak at enforcing this and after watching the extremist Muslim marches in Luton online, these people should all be rounded up and sent back to country of origin. Its obvious in many cases that this is a terrorist fight from the inside out where hard working British natives and non-natives to the UK just want to live in harmony with each other, no matter of sexual preference, colour, race or religion. We've had a long history of adopting a multi culture population into the UK, from Caribbean, seek, African and modernly now the ...See More
          • Kevin Gamble
            Really disappointed by the ignorant, racist comments posted here. It goes without saying that the Muslim leaders in this article DO NOT represent the views of the entire Muslim population of the UK!

            • Tom O'Bedlam ·  Top Commenter
              Oh, really? What are Islam's tenets on homosexuality in general? Doesn't seem to me like a religion that looks on the topic with anything but the utmost of disdain, misinformation and hatred. Plus you can't be racist against what amounts to cult. This has to do with a chosen dogma not an unalterable ethnicity or race.

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