Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Good Canadian Kid, Religious Student, ... and Jihadi!

"I came to Mauritania to study the Qur'an," 
Prosecutors in Mauritania have accused a jailed Canadian man of helping prepare an attack on an Algerian gas plant in January, and have asked a court to extend his sentence to 10 years from two. Aaron Yoon, 24, formerly of London, Ont., was convicted last July in Nouakchott on charges of having ties to a terrorist group and of posing a danger to national security. He has served almost half of his two-year sentence. On Monday, prosecutors told a court that Yoon had acted in connivance with those responsible for the Jan. 16 attacks on an Algerian gas plant and the four-day siege that followed, killing more than 80 people. Yoon has denied involvement and protested that he is innocent. "I came to Mauritania to study the Qur'an," he told the court on Monday, appearing briefly in a white traditional Mauritanian robe. Read More here.

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